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Zeris Mons

Zeris Mons

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Real Name: Zeris Mons

A.K.A: N/A

Homeworld: Arkania

Species: Arkanian Offshoot


Age: 28

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Grey

Sex: Female


Clothing/Armor: Overcoat, flight suit

Weapons: x2 Vibroshivs, concealed in sleeves. Each cybernetic arm is fitted with a 1' long retractable cortosis-alloy blade extending from the wrist.

Misc: Legs from the knees down and arms have been replaced with combat-grade cybernetics, stronger than her natural limbs.

Cognitive cybernetics installed below each eye, loaded with heuristic software and direct neural prompts to assist in keeping up with superhuman, Force-wielding opponents

Repair kit


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User:  Non-Force User

Alignment: Neutral

Faction Affiliation: Independent

Rank: 2nd Rank

Class: Duelist


Force Side: N/A

Trained By:  Tajara Nyros

Trained Who: 

Known Skills: 

Pilot (Skilled)

Echani martial arts (Expert)


  • Cybernetics (Skilled)
  • Starships (Skilled)
  • Droids (Novice)
  • Weapons (Novice)







Zeris Mons left home when she was 7.


Presumably born a diamond miner, as many other Arkanian Offshoots, she rarely shares her past before she stowed away on a freighter leaving the system. Like many of her genetically conditioned breed, she had a natural skill when it came to mechanic work even as a child, and it was with this talent that she earned her keep, getting her room and board instead of dumped at the first spaceport they came across. For 6 years she served, the rough crew accepting the quiet (and more importantly free) mechanic as a sort of ship mascot. They traveled from one end of the galaxy to the other, and Zeris was inundated with evidence of the galaxy's unrest. Every planet was simply a place to make a profit, pick up a cargo, and move on. Staying, putting down roots, forming connections, the crew was adamant that these were things that got people killed. Get what you need and keep moving, that was the way to live in a galaxy at war.


Zeris believed everything wholeheartedly, but found that belief challenged when they came to the Echani colony. On a world that she refuses to name, the crew delivered a cargo to the quiet and refined Echani. Perhaps it was because they looked remarkably like her, or perhaps it was because their way of life reminded her of Arkania, or maybe just because this place felt at peace like no other world in galaxy had, but for whatever reason Zeris decided to stay, leaving the freighter as easily as she'd come. The Echani welcomed her, particularly after they saw her growing mechanical expertise, something any colony needs. They were even more welcoming when they discovered Zeris was a prodigy fighter. She took to the Echani arts at 13 better than most born to the practice, and only improved from there. However, it became clear more and more that she did not see combat in the same way as her Echani teachers. To them, it was more than a skill. It was a way to communicate, a way to express oneself with more clarity than speech could ever accomplish. And while Zeris' skill only rose, the martial arts never became anything more for her than a competition.


This came to glaring light when she had her cybernetics installed. To the Echani, combat was meant to be bare and natural, wearing only training robes and wielding no weapons or advantages. Victory was a secondary concern. To willingly cut off one's own arms and legs and replace them with mechanical replicas for a base advantage was insulting and irreverent. Zeris was no longer welcome among them, and it didn't take long for her to decide to leave.


Zeris took to the stars as a drifter again, earning her keep as a mechanic when she had to. More often though, she got her credits as a thug and eventually as a licensed bounty hunter. She earned a quiet reputation for taking unusual jobs, always looking to push herself. She grew restless when confronted with the simple bail jumper or runaway embezzler, and frequently took the oddest jobs for less pay than they were actually worth just for the chance to test herself again.


Ship Registration

Name: The Crate

Class: Attack Shuttle

Model: Nu-Class Attack Shuttle

Manufacturer: Cygnus Spaceworks

Length: 18.9 meters

Armaments: x4 Medium Laser Cannon, x2 Twin Light Laser Cannons


Anti-Personnel Defenses:

Appearance: Old Clone Wars paint job has been removed and replaced with a less conspicuous rusty brown, with the logo of a durasteel crate added to the wings


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