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Real Name: Kirana Sunrider

A.K.A: Kira

Homeworld: Mirial

Species: Mirialan - Humanoid


Physical Description


Age: 28

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 55kg

Hair: Silver

Eyes: vivid sapphire blue

Sex: female




Clothing or Armor: casual tunics/ship suits, Jedi robes, combat boots. Whatever suits the situation. A full set of Armour with a visored helmet. Cortosis weaved gauntlets that can be worn with or without her Armour.

Weapon: melee prototype vibroblade & projectile pistol with armour piercing rounds, modified blaster, grenades of varying types, 2 Lightsabers & 2 Lightdaggers :: Lightsabers - azul blade (modified to be cortosis resistant, Beam Gem lens, fencing emitter, discharge energy cell and a Bondar crystal ), silver blade (cortosis resistant, deflection emitter, synthesised byrothsis lens, a nextor and a eralam crystal), light daggers (both cortosis resistant & have synthesised kunda lens) - aqua blade, pale amethyst blade

Common Inventory:  credits, comlink, moonstone pendant on silver chain

Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force User

Alignment: Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jedi Order

Current Faction Rank: Jedi Master


Force Side: Light

Trained by: Onderin

Trained who: Locke Starspanker, Dashel Illioni, Jhoren Zeur (Kira lost two padawans to “illnesses” - Bling and Fithnen) Korin

Known Skills: Battle mediation, mind meld, mind defence, mind manipulations,


Kira left her homeworld when she was in her mid teens had worked freelance as a bodyguard/ hired gun/ soldier of fortune before joining the Rebellion under Officer Black. She moved up the ranks quickly and as she did so she met and later trained under Jedi Knight Onderin Starlisk. She was knighted just after she became the Admiral of the Rebellion. Kira took on Locke Starspanker as her first apprentice, and soon after he was Knighted, she gave into his advances, the pair becoming an item. The two formed a lifebond, the master/padawan bond having increased during their training... 

During one of the battles on Coruscant, Kirana went up against Vladimir Faust just after he destroyed the shields in the Upper Levels, killing billions. Kirana, Locke, Yuusuke and Yue fought him. During the fight, Faust almost succeeded in removing Kirana’s wrist. She managed to have her hand reattached after the fight, leaving a permanent reminder. She also received a cut to the neck (another scar) and a bloodied nose.

Kira has the traditional tattoos of the Mirialan race visible on her face, telling of her experiences in the rebellion through all of her ranking's and in the Jedi Order. She focuses on Battle Meditation and lightsaber combat forms III & IV.

Kira became Chief of State of the Alliance for a while, until she was mindwiped just after the battle at Mimban. She remembered only that she was a Jedi, not that she was ever involved in the Alliance. Although she didn't realise it, the Jedi Knight became a Champion of Nurgle when he mindwiped her, convincing her that he was a Healer and that she should give her will to him so that he may help rid her of her nightmares.


Kira took on Dashel Illioni as her next apprentice, as Locke took on Sahv. The two continued their training together and were sent on their trials, becoming Jedi Knights. Kirana with the help of Malin, went on a crusade to recover her lost memories. During this process she found out she had been tricked by the God Nurgle. Under duress, she was eventually released from his hold over her, and the two Jedi left Vjun. During this 'adventure' the two formed a close friendship. They had many times merged force powers previously in various battles.


Over time, Kira has strengthened her mind powers, having been put on the defensive against the likes of The Dark Lord of the Sith - Kakuto Ryu, and other Sith Masters (including Tzeentch)  She had had other encounters with Draken Shadowlord and Rocketblaze and his Serpents. Rocketblaze kidnapped and took her to his base on the planet Chandrila . There Kira ‘assisted’ the Serpents with lightsided training. After this she was returned to Ilum where she had been taken from. 


Kirana had been on a mission on Tatooine when she disappeared. Not much is known of what happened to her during this time though her friends didn’t give up looking for her. It took quite a few years but Celestia eventually found her, having heard a rumour that she had been captured and put into carbonite by a Bounty Hunter. Celestia, Skye Organa and Zara Nargal organised and executed a successful rescue mission, freeing the frozen Jedi Master. The Jedi Healer monitored Kirana as she was brought out of the carbonite and cared for her friend until she recovered.


The Force can do terrible things to a mind it can wipe away your memories and destroy your very identity. - Carth Onasi

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