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[Personal Armor] Stokhli armor

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The Stokhli spray armor, as Armiena Draygo calls it, is an ad hoc jury rig of several components from off-the-counter products: plastoid armor acquired from the armories of the Imperial Knights; motion sensors, power cells, and a small amount of ultrachrome alloy from various salvage operations; and roughly a quarter of the critical components of a stokhli spray stick. 


Appearance and Defensive Capabilities:

The armor is plain, unadorned plastoid plate, with a somewhat feminine cut as the outline of its plates accentuate the bust and hips of its wearer. The pauldrons have a somewhat unfinished appearance due to the fact that its Imperial sigils were melted off without taking proper care to smooth out the scouring marks. Much like standard plastoid armor, the plate offers decent protection against blasters at range, deflecting glancing blows from vibroblades, and is highly protective against unaugmented “dead-blades” and subsonic fragments; however, it affords virtually no protection against lightsabers outside of its gauntlets. The armor has been further cut down from the standard Imperial Knight pattern in order to accommodate the lightsaber forms that Draygo prefers. Ataru and Djem So in particular require a profound degree of freedom of movement and the removal of plating from the major joints renders them vulnerable to attack.


The palms and fingers of the gauntlets have been bonded with a thin layer of ultrachrome alloy. Ultrachrome is a potent superconductor, channeling heat and electric shocks with almost perfect efficiency. This property also makes it somewhat resistant to blows from lightsabers, as the superheated plasma blade is unable to immediately cleave through the material. However, the alloy will rapidly heat up with prolonged exposure to a lightsaber blade: within three seconds of constant contact, the alloy will transmit significant burns to its wearer, then outright melt from the bonded plastoid plates and lose all protective value.


Offensive Capabilities:

Draygo has woven in several power cells and superconducting fibers into the armor’s bodyglove, allowing it to dispense potent electrical shocks through the ultrachrome plating of the gauntlets. This is matched by a pair of stokhli stun sprays that are embedded into the vambraces, which are triggered by specific hand gestures. Upon being dispersed, the viscous stokhli spraymist rapidly congeals into a hindering jelly, then a semi-solid webbing that can entrap its victim and even support the weight of an adult human. Throughout this coagulation process, the spray is highly conducive to electric pulses. Exposure has similar effects to that of a stun blast from a light blaster pistol: limbs that have been grazed are likely to be briefly numbed, while victims who have been thoroughly coated may be incapacitated for several minutes.


The spray has significant limitations. After congealing into a semi-solid webbing, the spraymist will gradually evaporate to leave a harmless powdery residue incapable of hindering movement or conducting electrical pulses. The process of miniaturizing the stokhli spray removed vital components of the weapon, namely the compression chambers and focusing nozzles. Its range and accuracy is significantly diminished as a result, and its maximum effective range is approximately twenty-five meters. The spraymist cannot be accurately aimed beyond this range due to wind dispersal and gravity. While the spray can be reloaded in the field, the process requires careful fine-motor manipulation and several seconds of dedicated attention.


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