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Lord Den'Zai Charlemagne (Imperial Remnant Utility NPC)

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Real Name: Den'Zai Charlemagne

A.K.A: Lord Den'Zai, Lord Charlemagne, Former Count of Archais: Lord Charlemagne, Grandfather

Homeworld: Alsakan

Species: Human


Physical Description


Age: 95

Height: 5'7

Weight: 165

Hair: Gray (Balding)

Eyes: Blue

Sex: Male

Distinctive Features/Scars: Numerous Training Scars, Horizontal Scar on Right Eye (Partially Blind), Scar across Left Thigh and inside of Right Thigh, Scar across Right Rib Cage, Scar atop Left Shoulder

Personality/Traits: Lord Den'Zai has a regal authority to him due to his many years of Service as Count of Archais. Is often quiet and left to his thoughts. Compassionate toward his Granddaughter Lady Tay'Lor and often Advices her. Is informally the anointed rock of the Charlemagne family.




Clothing or Armor: Archais Royal Robes

Weapon: Ultrachrome Bladed Cane

Common Inventory: Change of Robes,  Reading Glasses


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Current Faction Affiliation: Imperial Remnant

Current Faction Rank: Retired Count/Diplomat/Colonel




Force Side: N/A

Trained by: N/A

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: 

Force Powers



Lightsaber Forms







Melee Combat Efficiency

Blaster Rifle Efficiency

Martial Arts Efficiency


Faction Background: Having been born to Lord and Count of Archais Kon'Zen and Lady Bai'Kura Charlemagne, Lord Den'Zai had a regal and strict upbringing. Enrolled in the Imperial War College of Anaxes at the age of acceptance, Den'Zai would spend his years in the Imperial Navy before taking over as Count of Archais as heritage mandated. A stern and by the book Imperial Colonel, Lord Den'Zai would eventually wed and birth a single son with Lady Rai'ichi during his reign as Count. After 50 years as Count, Den'Zai relinquished the title of Count to his son, Lord Shin'Kai, and would live out the rest of his days, as well as his wife's final days, in retirement. 


With the estrangement of his Granddaughter, Lady Tay'Lor Charlemagne, after her choice to become an Imperial Knight in service to the Empress Raven Nasra of Zinthos, Den'Zai used his pull within the Imperial Remnant to remain close to her side.

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