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Imperial House of Charlemagne (Imperial Remnant)

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Imperial House of Charlemagne


Motto: Gladius adversus Tyrannidem

Homeworld: Alsakan

House Flower: Everlily

House Emblem: Falcon

Current House Standing: Aristocrat

House Founder: Be'Zell Charlemagne


Current Head of House


Shin'Kai Charlemagne II, 150th Head and Count of Archais


House Members


Lord Shin'Kai Charlemagne II (58) (Human)

Lady Sai'Kara Charlemagne IV (38) (Human)

Lord Ban'Nez Charlemagne III (16) (Arkanian)

Lady Tay'Lor Charlemagne I (24) (Keshiri)

Lady Sai'Kura Charlemagne II (10) (Zeltron)

Lord Dan'Zai Charlemagne VIII (95) (Human)

Lord Be'Zell Charlemagne X (3) (Mirialan)


House History


First mentioned in the Alsakan national epic, the Archaiad, the First King of Archais managed to unite the Alsakan under a single rule at the Battle of the Ten Valleys. But due to the Alsakan Conflicts, much of the history is lost or left uncovered. What is known to written and spoken history, is that House Charlemagne was formed both during the Battle of the Ten Valleys and the Seventeen Alsakan Conflicts that followed, and reforged after. Some claim that House Charlemagne are descendants of the original King of Archais, but the General Consensus disagrees. What is agreed, however, is that House Charlemagne has always played a part in the formation of unity and has always stood against tyranny even during the Birthing of the Republic of Old. This is where the archaic High Galactic House Creed descends from.


After the final reformation of House Charlemagne at the hands of Be'Zell Charlemagne in 3000BBY a few years after the final Alsakan Conflict, House Charlemagne has presided over and been responsible for the people of Archais within the Alsakan Kingdom. Since then, exactly 150 Heads of the Charlemagne Lineage have sat as Counts of Archais, with the current Count, Lord Shin'Kai, having resided for nearly twenty years of his life after his father, Lord Den'Zai, stepped down. Only a hand full of times have another of the Royal Houses held the title of Count.


Current House Charlemagne now presides over not only the people of Archais of Alsakan, but presides over another four prominent Houses as well with all five nationally known as the Five Royal Houses of Archais, each with unfounded and illegitimate claims of Descendancy to the former King of Archais spoken in the National Epic of Alsakan, the Archaiad. Albiet, for House Charlemagne, this claim no longer matters as the current wife of Lord Shin'Kai, Lady Sai'Kara can bear no children. This caused Lord Shin'Kai and Lady Sai'Kara to adopt children, the latter with a preference for exotic species.


Political Standing


Due to the Militaristic Lineage of House Charlemagne, they've never really cared for the mystism of the Sith nor the Jedi, and instead stood for what they called 'the common soldier'. When Lord Deton cut ties with the Sith, House Charlemagne was first in line to follow. And though they welcomed the formation of the Galactic Alliance, it didn't last. Like other Imperial Houses, the succeeded from the Union as the Imperial Remnant under Lady Raven Nasra of Zinthos. Though Lady Tay'Lor Charlemagne stands as a member of the Imperial Knights, her family ties stand strenuous at best because of this.

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Political Standing
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