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The Diviners of the Maw

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The Diviners of the Maw 



Sorcerer Subclass: All Krath of the Court of Madness are Diviner’s of the Maw, and train aboard the Ghost of Zakharyina, a derelict Super Star Destroyer that resides within the Maw Installation. The powers gained are those below. Reminder, guides such as these are merely a spectrum of power, on which you may expound within your own creativity


On Radiation Damage: This is like any other damage-type, it is not the ultimate power in the universe able to churn through the finest beskar, or something to shrug off. It has killing power, treat it with the respect any attack deserves, but don’t expect to lose a duel because you got hit by it or something. 


Abeloth’s Gaze: This attack harnesses the Force through the eyes of the Maw, and thus concentrates the Dark Side into a concentrated attack that takes on the stylization of a beam of radiation. The Dark Side would act to denature flesh and break the chemical bonds that hold flesh and bone together. Although most radiation is invisible, this takes on the visage of liquid night, reflecting the Maw’s consumption of light. (Allows it to be dodged, redirected, etc)


Dimensionless Rift: This is a gravitational-based attack that harnesses the Dark Side to change gravitational pull within a specific zone, starting with a few meters of area, and increasing to that of several dozen meters at Master Level. This takes a few seconds to summon with a growing darkness over the specified zone. In this area, tendrils of darkness begin to pull whatever within it down towards the ground. The rift acts like a glue-trap to those that step on them, and can disrupt the flight of those that sail over it.


Gravitational Lens: The Diviner bends reality about them, using the change to leap a short distance across a battle-zone. Even within the veil of the Force, such a change takes time, and a gravitational lens will take a few seconds to activate, and is as such not an insta-teleport button, so don’t use it like one. In a technical sense, it is a reskinned force jump, but can be better used to maneuver on the battlefield and confuse opponents.


Breath of the Unseen: The Diviner reaches into the Maw and harnesses the Dark Side into a rush of radiation and applies it to the enemy in a blast like a coronal mass ejection, throwing dark radioactive fire in a wave about him/herself.   


Eclipse of the Gods: The Diviner draws in light about him, bathing the battlefield in darkness with the effects of a warping eclipse. Used to draw in power externally if internal power begins to wane.


Devourer of Stars: The Diviner is consumed by hunger, reaching out with the Dark Side with ravenous hands of distorted light to devour their opponents piecemeal. These ethereal hands carry radiation damage and will begin to eat away anything they hit, be it their opponent or any material in the area.




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