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Rules clarification for Classes in the RP

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Specialization and Regulations on Equipment, Force Use, and  Skills for Playable Character In Combat, by Class




All force users are skilled at using the force, but their applications are different. Each force class has an area that they excel in and their primary focus, specifically during combat, should be towards that area. These classes are to be used by force users on all sides of the spectrum and light and dark side specific power rules should be adhered to in addition to these classes.


Warrior - Guardian

FOCUS: Strength or Dexterity

Close range specialists, focusing on use of lightsabers and close range weapons to engage in direct physical combat. These are the force users who dedicate themselves to traditional combat, mastering fighting styles and honing their bodies into the ultimate weapon. To be a warrior/guardian is to be a force for change across the battlefield, changing the tide of battle by the strength of your blade and body. It is only the suicidal or a fool that clashes with these, thinking to come away unscathed.

Usage limited to this class:

- Heavy (damage taking) or force-enhanced armour 

- Force-enhanced combat abilities (strength, speed, skill, bodily enhancements)

- Advanced personal combat training across multiple fields

- Specialty Close Range Weapons and Proficiency: Swords, spears, double-bladed or unique lightsaber configurations, dual-wielded lightsabers, exotic hand-to-hand weapons, martial arts style combat (effectively) etc


Assassin - Sentinel

FOCUS: Dexterity & Cunning

Agile and stealthy force users who use illusionary skills, fast movements, and their environment to carry the day. These force users excel at moving about the battlefield unhindered, manipulating their foes and striking at points of weakness from unforeseen and unseen angles. These cunning combatants engage in atypical combat, of which they are the undisputed champions.

Usage limited to this class:

- Mental Combat (Illusions and mental attacks for assassins) (mind tricks, mental or perception enhancement for sentinels)

- Stealth

- Limited battlefield force manipulations

- Force imbued acrobatics to improve battlefield speed and movement

- Light armor - being armor that resists some damage, but does not outright render an attack null and void

- (Sentinel specific) Limited NFU combat Tech (Pick one): simple blasters or weapons, pocket guns, smoke grenades, nets, shock, distractionary devices, extremely limited explosive devices (Not thermal detonators, Not military grade)


Sorcerer - Consular

FOCUS: Spirit 

Mystical and metaphysically focused beings who tap into the deepest reaches of the force to outwardly affect, alter, and control the world around them. These are the force users who by the very nature of their being were spoken of as wizards, sorceresses, magicians, and deities in times of yore. To be a sorcerer/consular is to command vast arrays of power that to the uneducated look to be magic; calling on unseen or forgotten powers to strike at your foes from any angle.

Usage limited to this class:

- Heavy force powers (e.g. outright offensive or defensive force powers and manipulations, mass and advanced telekinesis, environment altering powers, conjuring)


NPC use by force users:

In certain subclasses or specialties one may use NPCs to assist them to the detriment of other abilities. These may consist of creatures, creations, animations, personal assistants, minions, or other ideas that are approved with specifically designed and approved subclasses. In general, however, the use of NPCs by force users is not allowed, except where the need for such a thing is balanced by the lack of other combat worthy abilities or it is a necessity to the subtype with appropriate loss of other combat skills and abilities. 




Non force users come with a wide array of combat abilities, ranging from terrors that scourge the battlefield, beings that command swarths of the most highly trained operatives the galaxy has to offer, to even more highly trained operators working under the cover of deception.

These classes are to be used by any non force using character regardless of moral or faction affiliation.

NOTE: the following classes list gear specific to those classes. The gear is divided by a “/“. Gear prior to this is available at rank 2. Gear following this is available at rank 3.


Militant (Cannot use NPCs)

Focus: Militant Combat

Battlefield experts who excel in the use of weaponry to single handedly turn the tide of battle. These are the veterans and combatants who have thrown themselves into their training and by such have become masters of destruction both controlled and not. Where they aim, they rarely miss. What they seek to destroy, never walks away unscathed. When all seems lost, it is these beings who single handedly carry their colors to victory across battlefields around the galaxy.

Usage limited to this class:

- heavy weapons, lightsaber resistant melee weapons/exotic weapons

- flamethrowers and other specialized heavy weapons

- launchable grenades

- flight packs and boosters/personal shield generators

- powered armor of standard materials/powered armor made of rare materials (phrik, beskar, etc)


Officer (Uses NPCs)

Focus: Command

Commanding officers and leaders amongst the ranks who stand a cut above.  When all seems lost and the enemy is advancing, it is the officers, trained, born, or bred, that the rabble turn to for inspiration. Offering words of inspiration and fear, officers can lead their men into battle or command from the safety of the rear. Wherever they are, the forces at their command can become unstoppable if those that lead them are left unopposed.

Usage limited to this class:

- Personal energy shields

- light armor/powered light armor, light armor of special design or material, or medium armor

- can lead squads of advanced troops/elite special forces (NOTE: the smaller the group of soldiers led, the more specialized they may be, up to a maximum size of a single squad.)



Focus: Worldbuilding, support, and NPCs

Specialists are individuals whose knowledge and experience place them as valued members of their faction as scientists, doctors, corporate leaders, crime lords, and politicians. Specialists are often not combatants, and rely on quick thinking and the aid of bodyguards to survive when war comes to them. The Specialist is for players that want to focus on NFU world building, experiment with non-traditional characters, or play PCs that aren’t primarily defined by their role in the war. As they work their way up the ranks, their bodyguards level up alongside them. (Clarifications: this is not an archetype designed to be competitive in duels, this is here to give survivability to characters that would otherwise get wrecked if caught in an invasion or being targeted by combat PCs. Bodyguards have one objective in duels, get their boss out alive. Specialists that have fled a duel are not considered to be occupying a location when players are resolving a duel invasion.)

Usage limited to this class:

- Bodyguard NPCs (Starting at 1and advancing to 5)

- Advanced medical/cybernetic support actions (Medical treatment, repair of droids)

- Defensive tech such as Personal energy shields




On Champions used instead of characters in combat: A non-combat oriented character may, with moderator permission, utilize a champion as their stand in during duel-based combat. A champion is a limited play character that may be used for combat or as a sidekick of sorts for non-combat scenes with the main account character. Characters may not act in the stead of the main character outside of combat. Characters may not use a champion to circumvent the rules of death; if a champion loses a duel, both the champion and the main character are susceptible to the final outcomes of the duel, up to and including death.


On Bodyguard NPCS: These are specific NPCs used by specialists and non combat characters to defend themselves in PVP. Unlike NPCs used in duels under command of officers, these are not meant to be used offensively and are designed to help their Specialist to escape. A successful duel result as a specialist is one in which you escape, not taking the field of battle. 




A note on rank advancement for both force and non force users:

Different groups name their ranks differently; however, with the exception of select faction leaders filling a class rank a half-step above, there are 3 class ranks.


The 1st rank: apprentice, grunt, etc, is that of the most basic character and where new players all start their first character as they grow and learn within the game. 1st rank characters build themselves towards a certain class; however they are not bound to any one class as they explore the world about them. This is unlocked when a character advances to the 2nd rank. 1st rank characters are capable of simple attacks, defenses, and force applications. They have access to standard force user technology and non force user standardized weaponry and light armor, nothing overly specialized. No technology that is provided within a select class can be used by a 1st rank character. 1st rank force users must learn how to use a lightsaber and must acquire or craft one with certain exceptions.

A non force using 1st ranked character can “command” (or work alongside) a small team of basic troops in combat, should the need arise. This is done so as to provide a counter to the basic force power applications gained by force users of equal rank.


At the 2nd rank: characters gain access to a class choice. Along with this, 2nd rank characters gain access to greater combat prowess which translates into more complex movesets and multifaceted attacks. Force users can access greater force powers and force applications. Non force users unlock greater/more powerful kit. 


At the 3rd rank: characters become all that their class can be. Their combat skills are a threat to be reckoned with, regardless of class. Players of this rank can strike numerous times, calling on whatever power they draw from. Force users gain access to the deepest, most powerful, and intricate uses of the force. Non force users gain access to the most advanced training, technology, and fit outs.

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