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The Sovereign Knights

Raven Nasra

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(((Worldbuilding notes: you will see a lot of references to the Imperial Remnant, an institution that largely no longer exists in name within the Rebel Alliance and now Sovereign Knight. However, most of the old imperial families and military that did not experience the disastrous end of the Galactic Alliance still consider themselves as the ‘Imperial Remnant.’ The Rebel Alliance is largely led by these Imperial Families, and the leader of the Rebel Alliance herself is the Empress of the Imperial Remnant. The Rebel Alliance is named such for convenience, and no one should think that should the rebel alliance win their war, that they would return to the democratic institutions that led the Galactic Alliance to its doom. The Imperial Remnant remains a monarchical and authoritarian government.))


Background and the Imperial Diaspora 


The Imperial Remnant was formed during the waning years of the Galactic Alliance from a small cluster of Ex-Imperial Worlds who saw the rising threat of the Sith in the Galactic Rim and the GA’s inability and disinterest in dealing with the rising tide of evil. A splinter group of the Jedi Order, led by Jedi Master Kyrie joined them in a private crusade against the Sith. Swearing loyalty to the Empress and forming the original Imperial Knights.


The Imperial Remnant were naturally one of the first sectors to be targeted in the aftermath of the destruction of the Galactic Alliance, and one by one the Imperial Worlds fell. First Carida, then Kuat. Their populaces dispersed to the dual worlds of Nar Shaddaa and Nal Hutta, which had been conquered by the Imperial Remnant some years before. 


There the Imperial Government in Exile continued, its once proud Moffs and noble families reduced to little more than subsistence as the Imperial Remnant struggled to survive and incorporate the surviving command structure of the Galactic Alliance to form the Rebel Alliance. This brought many changes to the Imperial Ruling class, and they worked together to help augment what they saw as the last surviving remains of their society. 


Imperial Government in Exile


With very few worlds, there was not a reason to maintain the expensive Moff’s Council, but they maintained their ranks, without salary. Those Moffs and “Imperial Elite” who had long kept their children and heirs from military or Jedi recruitment quickly began to send their force sensitive children to the Imperial Knights, to both serve the remnant of the Empire, and to receive the societal bump that having a family member “in the Knights” would give. Dozens of high imperial families dug deep into their cadet branches, pulling children legitimate and otherwise from high society and universities, and placed them into the Knights. 


Having buy-in from all imperial families was important for the Empress and the Imperial Knights, so recruitment stipends are paid to imperial families that could provide a child or adult to the Knights. With titles and additional stipends paid to families that could provide more than one. 


As such the ex Moffs and high Imperial Families, began a long campaign to find and adopt force sensitive children and young adults, give them an ‘imperial’ education and then send them to the knights. 


Their Role


Much as the Jedi Order were the guardians of Democracy in the Old Republic, the Sovereign Knights see themselves as the guardians of the people. Their oath binds them to the people of the galaxy through their leader the Empress. As such, they serve with distinction alongside Imperial and Alliance soldiers in an effort to rid the galaxy of the Sith. They search throughout the galaxy to eliminate the evil of the Sith, including within the government structure of the Sovereign Alliance.


The Knights 


A diverse though mostly humanoid group, the Sovereign Knights represent the makeup of the high families and academic institutions of the Remnant. The majority of the original Imperial Knights represented the schismatic Jedi sect that broke off during the Galactic Alliance. Now seen as a representation of the Imperial Remnant within the Sovereign Alliance, the newest members of the Knights are mostly human or aliens of higher learning that have been adopted by Imperial Families.


The Vow


I shall speak no dishonesty, only truth.

I shall serve not myself, only others.

I shall seek no evil, only honor.

I shall follow no false master, only the Empress.

I shall suffer no Darkness, only the Light.




Sovereign Paladin (Jedi Guardian Equivalent)

-The archetypical warriors and protectors of the Imperial Knights, the inspiring individuals who follow this path embrace the path of the saber and stand as a bulwark before the people and any threat that would assail them. A few unfortunate enemies have mistaken the Paladin's more focused approach for simplicity, to their regret. Those who challenge one, thinking the honorable warrior will be easily duped, often find themselves instead engaged with a keen mind trained by the best military tutors of the Remnant's most prestigious war colleges. However, despite this training, Paladins avoid taking military command except in the most dire circumstances. They understand the danger their Force abilities pose, as well as their vulnerability to corruption. As such, the muddy, moral grays of military command are not suited to those who must always remain honorable and pure or risk falling to the Dark Side.


Sovereign Hawk (Jedi Sentinel Equivalent) (Previously called Bailiffs)

-Evolving out of the officials Moffs employed to solve complex legal/political issues, the Imperial Hawks are the investigators of the Imperial Knights. Preferring more subtle and even mundane approaches compared to the Paladins or Wardens, the Hawks employ a mix of both combat and Force techniques, often with a focus in heightened perception and information gathering. It falls to them to suss out the truth of corruption, and they are quickly called on when the taint of the Dark Side is suspected to be involved. Hunting holocrons and other traces of the Sith are where they thrive. Despite the reputation for cloak-and-dagger that lowlifes have assigned them, Hawks are as honorable and dedicated to their oath as any other knight, performing their work dutifully and properly. If they remain unnoticed, that is likely because they are simply that good.


Sovereign Executor (Jedi Consular Equivalent, previously known as Wardens)

-Where the Paladin defends the people of the Imperial Remnant from direct threats to their safety, and the Bailiffs root out the more subtle corruptions of evil and the Dark Side, the Imperial Wardens fight to safeguard the people from the truly strange menaces they could never understand. The sages, seers, and scholars of the Imperial Knights, the Wardens delve deep into the mysteries of the Force, forgoing all but the basics of martial prowess. In place of such training, they spend their time poring over records or in meditation, hoping to gain just a little more understanding of the threats they may face and the tools they'll need to fight them. When tainted sorcery, Force-imbued artifacts, or abominations of the Dark Side are suspected to be involved, it is the Wardens that are called in to bring their knowledge to bear on the situation.




Squire - An apprentice of a Knight. A knight may have several squires, including non force sensitive squires that are there to learn academically from the Knight.

Knight - A squire who has shown themselves to be worthy of advancement by a council of nobles

Noble - A knight who has shown great valour in battle or equivalent in their field. They carry the prestige of their rank with them. 


Playing a Sovereign Knight

It should be noted that playing an Sovereign knight is not “I want to play a grey jedi” but is instead playing another aspect of the light side of the force. In contrast to the sexless expression of the Jedi seen in the prequel trilogy, A Sovereign knight is encouraged to have a family and roots within High Sovereign society. In fact a Sovereign Knight will likely be the target of a multitude of suitors from rival and allied Sovereign Families in order to progress their families interests in court. 


-Document compiled through the joint work of Delta, Nyrys, Edelmor, Leena, and Kyrie

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