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(Capital Ship) Exodus Class Star Destroyer

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Concept: Assimilator-Class-Star-Destroyer.png

(Credit goes to RobotForge on Patreon)

Name: Exodus Class Star Destroyer

Type: Capital Ship

Class:  Star Destroyer

Length: 1600m

Crew:  36,755

Gunners: 330

Passengers: 9,700 Troops


40 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries

40 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons

26 Additional Turbolaser Batteries 

20 Heavy Ion Cannons 

8 Octuple Barbette Turbolasers or Configuration 2 consisting of 8 Ion Cannons 

10 Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors 

Hyperdrive Class 1 or 2.0

Class 8.0 (backup

2 KDY ISD-72x deflector shield generator domes (local area-effect)

2 KDY ISD-72x shield generator domes 

LeGrange targeting computers


72 Acklay Heavy Assault Interceptor Starfighters 

8 Lambda-Class Shuttles

15 Sith Imperial Stormtrooper Transports 

6 Assault Gunboats 

A variable number of Blastboats

1 or more Sith Imperial Assault Dropships

2 Repair and recovery vehicles

15 AT-AT Barges

20 AT-AT Walkers 

30 AT-ST Walkers 

Various Ground Vehicles

2 Prefabricated Garrison Bases


The first capital ship to come out of Falleen for years, the Exodus Class Star Destroyer is a modern feat of engineering and firepower and one of a new generation star destroyer to come out of the Outer Rim. Designed and built to honour the legacy of the previous Dark Lord Exodus, this star destroyer fills the gap between the Imperial 1 and the Imperial 2 Class of destroyer and thanks to a more streamlined power assembly has a 30% power output allowing for a slightly more manoeuvrable and faster ship while not sacrificing firepower. 

Edited by Karys Narat iv-Adas




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