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[Capital Ship] Abaddon Class Star Destroyer

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Type: Capital Ship

Class: Star Destroyer

Length: 1,800m

Crew: 13,000

Gunners: 500


16 Medium Turbolaser Batteries

20 Siege Torpedo tubes

72 Heavy Concussion Missile arrays

32 Point Defense Laser cannons


The first new ship to come from the Geonosis shipyards since the Clone Wars, the Abaddon class Star Destroyer is heavily modeled after the Victory I class star destroyer. Featuring two dozen torpedo tubes and nearly 600 individual concussion missile tube, the Abaddon Star Destroyer makes up what it lacks in armor in pure firepower. Built for short, brutal engagements, it carries enough ammo for up to three full salvos from its concussion missiles, as well as 200 spare torpedoes. While lacking in close-in defense, the ASD is not defenseless, featuring a small array of turblolasers and point defense cannons, though against other capital ships it relies on its obscene number of missiles. As an almost unintended side effect, the lack of turbolasers led to excess power capabilities, allowing for much more powerful targeting computers and extra power to shields, though its ammo remains limited. The ASD works, at it's best, in flash skirmishes against other capital ships and cruisers, where it fires its salvos and ends the fight swiftly.

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