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Darth Oni Revised

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Real Name: Neo Krell

A.K.A: Darth Oni, Lucus Chism, Reaper Grimm

Original Homeworld: Nar Shadaa

Host Homeworld: Concordia

Species: Transient Wraith

Subspecies: Kiffar


Physical Description


Age: 37

Height: 5'10

Weight: 167lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Male


Personality: At first glance, Oni is care free, verging on a Lawful stance as a Sith. Respectful and laid back, Oni tends to follow his brethren rather than lead. As a practitioner of the Forlorn Veil form of Necromancy, he can have a tendency to be paranoid around other Force Users, most notably other Necromancers and Jedi. But in battle, Oni is ruthless and bloodthirsty, preferring to psychologically break his opponents before allowing them death.




Clothing or Armor:Mandalorian Prelest Robes (w/ Durasteel Pauldrons,Vambrace, Greaves, Gauntlets and Bevor) 


Weapon: Forlorn Staff (Wyrmsteel Staff with Forlorn Talisman atop), Haunted Blade

Common Inventory: Essentials (Water, Food, Change of Robes, etc.)


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Master

Class Alignment: Sorcerer (Krath)




Force Side: Dark

Trained by: Nurgle/Dominus

Trained who: Cyrus the Virus, Camik

Known Force Skills: 


Mastered Skills

Force Illusion

Force Deflection

Breath Control

Comprehend Speech

Drain Knowledge

Force Insanity

Alcazarin Absorption

Force Jump/Leap

Force Push/Pull

Force Sight



Force Sense


Krath Skills(Intermediate)


Necromancy Skills

Power behind the Veil

Renunciation of Mortality

Pact of Vengeance

Dark Passenger

Death Touch

Skeleton Key of Despair

Cistern of Sorrow and Chains

Death Masque


The Peculiar Madness of the Veiled

Forlorn Talisman


Fulgurmancy Skills

Pivoting Strike

The Delving

Perceive the Flow of the Cosmos

Know the Enemy

The World is Not Worthy to Feel My Tread

Shocking Rebuke

The Breaking

Spear of Khlorithian

Mark of Annihilation


Known Lightsaber Skills:


Known Forms

Form I

Form V

Form VI

Form VII




Form VII


Sub-Background: Host was a Mandalorian Crusader under Mandalore the Bloody.


Background: A former Bounty Hunter under the Hutts, Oni was trained by Nurgle to be a Sith. Was a member of the Alcazarin subfaction of the Sith under Nurgle aka Darth Dominus.


Ship Registration









Anti-Personnel Defenses:




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