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Variable Altitude Multi-Role Assault Transport(VAMRAT)

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(Spoilered for Size. Reference Image. All Credit to Fractalsponge)




Concept: Gunship/Transport for the Rebel Alliance

Name: Variable Altitude Multi-Role Assault Transport(VARAT

Type: Light? 

Class: Assault Transport

Length: 20 Meters

Crew: 1x Pilot, 1x Copilot/MLWS Gunner, 3x Gunners

Passengers: 30(In Standard Troop Carrier Mode), 8 Wounded + 3 Medics(In Medivac Mode), 5(In Field Shuttle Mode), N/A(In Cargo Mode). 

Armament: 2x Twin Heavy Blaster Cannon Turrets(On Chin Mounts), 4x Light Laser Cannon Turrets(On Wing Mounts), 2x Multiple Launch Warhead Systems(16 Launch-Cells Each, Variable Warhead Load) 

Description:  Like many things in the Rebel Alliance, Field Infantry Transport and the various roles such craft would normally accomplish has been farmed out to a mix of whatever could be recovered from the Naval Remnants of those involved, or from older vessels that could be purchased or 'acquired' for cheap. With the new line of reliable performance fighters entering Rebel service, it was decided by several Loyalist designers that a new Gunship was needed in the Alliance Arsenal. What resulted is quite frankly: A box with Wings, guns, and Engines strapped to it. Designed to hold 30 troopers while it's hold is configured to operate as a dropship, or it can operate as a medivac transport with a series of medical beds and room for medics to triage patients and stabilize them. The VAMRAT can also be configured to field drop cargo, or act as a field shuttle for VIPs entering a risky area. As the hold is built to be quickly outfitted for many missions, it can do practically anything it might be needed for. The VAMRAT has moderate armor and shields, allowing it to take a decent amount of punishment, though not enough to allow it to operate continually under heavy fire. Armament includes: 2x Twin Heavy Blaster Cannon Turrets mounted on the chin, 4x Light Laser Cannon Turrets on the ends of the wings, 2x Multiple Launch Warhead System Cells(16 Launchers Each). The MLWS is designed so that each launch tube has two warheads ready to fire, less focused on singular launchers being able to fire multiple warheads like other starcraft, and more on being able to launch many warheads at once in support of a frontline action. The VAMRAT has a pilot/copilot pair, as well as 2 gunners, with Computer Assistance. The VAMRAT has a healthy speed as well, allowing for quick drops and extractions as needed. The VAMRAT is Space and Hyperspace Capable. 


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