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[Starfighter] RZ-5 'Arrowhead' A-Wing Interceptor

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(Reference Picture, CORRECTION: FOUND THE ARTIST :) Adamkop from Deviantart! All Credit to him!)


Concept: Rugged Interceptor Craft for Rebel Alliance. 

Name: RZ-5 'Arrowhead' A-Wing

Type: Interceptor

Class: Fighter

Length: 7.2 Meters

Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Astromech Droid

Passengers: N/A

Armament: 2x Heavy Laser Cannons, 1x Proton Torpedo Launcher. 


Description:  More than almost any other craft, the A-Wing series of interceptors have been the most notorious 'hangar queens' in Alliance history. Before, this was tolerable because they served very well during numerous conflicts, but after the fall of the Galactic Alliance, this performance came at a steep price. On the heels of their success with the T-70, the same team of Incom Loyalists saw this problem, something very similar to why they designed and started production of the T-70. The design of what would eventually become the RZ-5, nicknamed the Arrowhead for it's more angular design compared to the earlier RZ series fighters. The aim with the Arrowhead was to simplify the A-Wing down to something that could be produced and maintained by the Alliance, while still providing the signature speed and some survivability. One of the main changes that contributed to this effort was the stripping out of the various Hyperdrive Navigation functions and the inclusion of an astromech droid, which can also perform emergency maintenance like in other astromech-equipped craft. 


The main intended defense of this craft is it's speed and maneuverability, relying on the pilot's skill to keep him and his droid buddy alive. As a consequence of weight balancing, the armor is relatively light, though it can still take a few hits in a pinch. The shield is a light and simple affair, designed to take light punishment while the pilot uses their superior speed and maneuverability to get the ship out of danger. The engines on the Arrowhead are the most impressive part, designed to achieve a balance of incredible speed and maneuverability, to allow the ship to operate in the typical A-Wing 'Wheelhouse' of Interception, Light Scouting, and other duties a light and fast fighter like the Arrowhead can perform. The main armament is a pair of linked Heavy Laser Cannons, with a Proton Torpedo Launcher(6 Torpedos). The now almost-Standard Modular Armament 'Pod' was discarded for the Arrowhead due to concerns related to size and necessity.  The Arrowhead maintains a hyperdrive system, though as stated earlier, navigation is primarily handled by the onboard Astromech. 

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