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The Circle of Jedi Healers & The Jedi Medical Corps

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While many Jedi learn and even become proficient in some form of the arts of Jedi Healing, Jedi Healers occupy a unique role within the Order. Having dedicated themselves to the art of healing, they are the best of the best amongst the Jedi Order when it comes to restoring life, motion, and sanity. As such, these Jedi are uniquely prepared to confront a wide variety of dark side manifestations and evil that might be overlooked by the more militant of their order. 




These are the best of the best Jedi Healers. Healers who have, through years of dedicated study and and service, become so adept in the healing arts that they have been known to channel the will of the force to return life unto the dead and stave off the most horrendous of injuries and infections to the mind, body, and soul. They are healers who by their very nature are pillars of light by which darkness is driven from whatever crevices it is found. When there is no hope, in the blackest of nights, and the bleakest of outcomes, the Circle finds the light and amplify it into an overhwleming force of good. They illuminate the darkness with truth, light, purity and restoration. Most members of the Circle are inherently tied, on a deeply metaphysical level, to the light side of the force. For a member of the Circle to fall to the dark side is rare indeed. 

Not all healers are members of this Circle; nor do all healers desire to be. To be a member of this order is to declare their dedication to peace, to giving up the thrill of victory or combat in return for serving others. These healers are masters of their art and masters of their respected wards and patients, but to them, to be such a master is to be the lowest and greatest servant; a guardian of purity and life and all that it rightfully stands for.


The purity of soul that is required to become a member of the Circle of Jedi Healers lends itself well to combating corruptions of the dark side. Many Jedi from this organization can be found standing against the darkness and containing it as they render aid to locals, galaxy wide, in need.


And while a Jedi of the Circle can take a life, they are hesitant to do so; even more so than the average Jedi. With their skills, they hope to save even the most twisted and desecrated souls. A Jedi of the Circle will go to great lengths ,should even the smallest glimmer of light exist, to seek to close the gap and nurse even the darkest soul back to light and life. They will do whatever they can for even the smallest hope to save a ravaged soul regardless of the time or effort needed.


To be a member of the Circle is to forgive. To recognize the taint of darkness and drive it out, holding not a grudge against they that were touched by it. To walk amongst the darkest recesses of tortured minds, bodies, and souls, and emerge as white as their freshly laundered robes on the other side.


The Circle oversees several aspects of the Jedi Order. A member of the Circle is found in almost every Jedi run or associated place of healing, from field hospitals to the most advanced surgical suites in the galaxy. One of the aspects that the Circle oversees is the Jedi Medical Corps. Another is the training of traditional Jedi initiates in the basics of force-based healing and the provision of light side attuned areas to instruct in the more complex aspects of the force without dark side influence. Wherever members of the Circle are, the dark side is sure to be repulsed. These are the Jedi who are called upon alongside the Jedi naturalist to heal the taint of darkness upon the land and to close tears wrought upon the force and those afflicted by it.


The Circle is governed by the Chief Healer, a member of the Circle appointed by the Jedi Grandmaster to oversee the administration of all Jedi healing facilities across the galaxy. Traditionally this person would maintain an office within the Halls of Healing of the main Jedi temple; however, given the state of conflict in the galaxy, this individual is often found administering on the fly as he or she moves from pace to place, aiding in healing efforts and purging the dark side around the galaxy.


A Note On Membership Within The Circle:


A Jedi must be of Knight rank or higher and have dedicated themselves to the healing arts. With exceptional strength of will and purity of soul, a member of the Circle of Jedi Healers is expected to act swiftly in the face of danger, exercising all the care of a surgeon in their activities towards others, be it within the force or on the table or ward. These Jedi are not prone to fits of emotion and have taken an absolute stand against the dark side in all its forms. A member dedicates themselves to the purification of lives, to serving and saving others, even at the expense of their own. They must guard the patients under their care with the calm ferocity of a mother sand panther guarding her young.


To become a rank of this order, means that the healer will wear the traditional white robes of a Jedi Healer and often carry a teal-hued lightsaber. Although this is not a hard rule, it is the expected outward appearance of a Jedi Healer and is recognized across the galaxy as one who brings aid to the sick and dying, not war. Jedi healers do not carry weapons of war unto the battlefield and to do so would be a desecration of their membership within the order. Although a healer may be accompanied by armed soldiers and agents of war and law, the healer themself is expected to maintain their status as one who saves.


Membership is granted by another member of the Circle, with the rank of Chief Healer being granted by the Jedi Grandmaster or carried by the same if he or she comes from the ranks of the Circle.


Healing Outpost on Ilum:


The Circle maintains a small and relatively remote facility within the world of Ilum. There they use the natural amplification of the crystal caves and stillness of the remote world to foster a level of healing that may be untenable elsewhere in the galaxy. The facility is far removed from the actions of the galactic conflict and members of the Circle work tirelessly to study and develop new, and rediscover ancient, healing techniques.


From the air, the facility is undetectable. The small hangar that peovides the most direct offworld access is nestled deep within a crevice on the surface. No ship larger than a small freighter possesses the size limitations or maneuverability, even with the aid of the force, to finagle a safe landing inside. Even so, the hangar is limited in size and can only accomodate a half dozen or so craft at a time. 


To gain access, ships must descend deep beneath the world’s ice, delving into the realms of myth and shadow before traversing a maze-like path of ice and metals that play havoc on sensors and scanners. Deep within the maxing crevice the activities of the surface are lost, even orbital bombardment has little effect this deep.


There are several smaller access tunnels that traverse beneath the surface on icy steps and mechanized shafts. Some of these are no larger than to allow a single smaller being access at a time. Others can accommodate bits of supplies and gear in ancient wheeled carts and tracks as they pass through some of the deepest reaches of the crystalline caves.


Within the facility, the temperatures are warmer than the outside world, even then, they are still cool. Exceptions are made for patients’ rooms and individualized quarters with an array of individual heat sources. The entire facility has an aura of sterility and cleanliness to it.


The facility itself is staffed by approximately a dozen of the most reclusive and brilliant minds of the Circle, a small retinue of members of the Jedi Healing Corps, and the occasional select few non-force using healers selected from the most dedicated and advanced minds across the galaxy.


Contained within one vein of the underground facility is the housing units for all staff members stationed at the base. It is here that the healers and medics spend their limited off time to rest and recuperate. Hete they have limited access to the holonet and an exceptional collection of rare and ancient texts covering the treatment of ancient maladies, historic maladies, and alternative medicines.


An adjoining shaft has been hollowed out to form a large treatment and triage area with adjacent surgical suites, bacta treatment rooms, patient chambers, and rest areas for working staff. These areas have been stocked with the best supplies that can be gathered the galaxy over and represent a significant investment on the part of the Jedi. Quarantine rooms can be accessed from here but are also accessible directly from the hangar area. These quarantine suites are negative pressure sealed so as to keep any potential contagens within and open for observation from the medical area via duraglass view panes that can be rendered opaque for privacy.


A tunnel connects the above two shafts with several caverns reinforced and secured for long-term storage. This tunnel is also accessible via the hangar as well as from a pair of shafts leading towards the surface a distance away.


While scientifically this facility is one of the most advanced in the galaxy, it is little known, even amongst the bulk of the rank-and-file Jedi. The greatest defense of this place is it’s anonymity. Boasting some of the most advanced scientific and medical minds, the facility is found lacking in overall warmth and welcoming, being dedicated solely to the healing arts and turning little attention towards the aesthetics of welcoming those in need. The only exception to this are the sweeping icy stone arches that beckon from one chamber to another and guide the path from the hangar into the facility with swirls of stone outcroppings carved there by Jedi Healers and Artisans of yore.


The entirety of the facility can be reached via a narrow, rocky and slick underground cliff-spanning pathway looking down into a dark seemingly bottomless chasm. This provides the sole underground access to the caves of crystals where many young Jedi first obtain their first stones with which to construct their sabers. This gruelling 3 day journey can only be made on foot. Many Jedi have found that this path helps them focus themselves and allows them to meditate and learn to trust in the guidance of the force.


Even as Jedi come to Ilum on quests or to obtain the valued crystals grown within, the healing outpost remains aloof. Not wanting to interfere in the training and work of the other Jedi, the outpost refrains from contact with visitors, carefully keeping a distant watchful eye should the worst befall them and rendering aid as they may. Their secrecy remains their greatest defense. Even so, the Healers of Ilum have become quite adept at cold weather survival and the treatment of cold and exposure related injuries is more than second nature to them. They are experts in the field of rugged cold weather rescue, survival, and stealth.


Jedi Medical Corps:


While to many within the order the Jedi Medixal Corps is nothing but a path taken by their fellows who did not pass the rigorous trials to become a Jedi Knight, this is decidedly a falsehood manufactured to allow some to feel a sense of superiority over others. They are wrong. While it is true that there are some members of the Medical Corps that started their paths off as Jedi Hopefuls, becoming a member of the Corps is not a sign of failure. Many initiates choose to progress down this path instead of seeking to become a Jedi, forgoing any militaristic or combat training in favor of dedicating themselves wholly to the healing of people and worlds. Other members are Jedi Knights and Healers that have been assigned or assigned themselves to assist the Corps in its mission to provide healing and care to all worlds and people throughout the galaxy. A small amount are Jedi initiates who failed their trials, but this group is decidedly limited and even so, their assignment to the Corps is not seen as a failure but as the Force directing their life down the correct path.


Not all members of the Corps are force sensitive. Some of the most compassionate souls and best medical minds in the galaxy have found themselves attached to, affiliated with, serving alongside, or members of the Corps. Many come to lend what aid they can to this apolitical galaxy-spanning organization. Some come to learn from the healers employed within. 


The Corps can be found on the front lines of battle in field hospitals and first aid stations, armed only with their compassion, conviction, and tools of their trade. They can be found accompanying exploration expeditions to newfound worlds so as to ward of unknown maladies and bring anaura of compassion and kindness to any first contact. They are found throughout medical centers across the galaxy, their teams providing first aid, advanced medical treatment, comforting the injured and ill, aiding doctors and healers, and bringing a sense of calm hope to the chaos of life turned upside down. 

The Corps are officially overseen by the Circle of Jedi Healers. In practicality though, they are mostly self-administering with the Circle offering a relatively hands off approach towards the day to day and logistical decisions of the group. 

Membership within the Corps is open to any Jedi, medical professional force user or not, all that is required is a dedication to good. Even non-medical professionals can become a part of this organization, using their talents in supply acquisition, transport, administration, and others to the benefit of the galaxy as a whole.


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