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Principality of Outremer

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Principality of Outremer - Princeté du Outremer

A devoted princedom in the outermost reaches of the Expanse. One of the last habitable systems colonized during the Dynastic Era of the Tapani Empire. Like a few other worlds governed by smaller princedoms and noble houses, Outremer and its three noble families firmly rejected the Federalization of the old Empire and kept its dynastic order of government. The population is self sustaining, and even developed enough to maintain a minor shipyards which are supported by the extensive Baradium Mines found in the rocky terrain of the planet. 


The rugged environment outside the walled cities keeps most of the populace within the boundaries, but many young noblemen journey on hunts of the great megafauna of the southern hemisphere, often taking their household guard and volunteer militias to make a name for themselves. 


Places of Interest

Ruins of Encipia - National Monument to the struggle of the planet against the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. 

Havari - Capital CIty and spaceport

Barad Mining Complex - State funded Baradium mining industry 

Southern Hemisphere - Megafauna rich zone, uncharted and unexplored as natural resources are rare and unexportable.


Main Industries

Baradium Mining 

Hydroponic Farms


Historical Timeline


534 BBY

Colonization takes place as a joint Venture by Royal Houses Moriès, Anslem, and Aveyron.


480 BBY

Colonization steps up as Baradium Ore is found in the mountain ranges of the planet. MegaCorporation Compagnie d’Outremer Formed with unanimous approval from all royal houses. (Now called Barad - Leading supplier of high yield Baradium. Profits split among the houses.)  


22 BBY

Outremer joins the Confederacy of Independent Systems, citing high taxation and tariffs of exports from the Republic.


19 BBY 

Republic third fleet bombards the capital city of Encipia reducing the city to ruins. Fighting persists on ground over the baradium mines for the rest of the war.


RP History: Represented by a Senator in the Galactic Alliance, until the alliance collapsed. Swore loyalty to the Empress of the Imperial Remnant and now leader of the Rebel Alliance.


Military History

The Principality maintains a large volunteer military force, which it has deployed in the past to assist in strategic goals within the Expanse. They maintain a pale blue uniform with yellow piping, representing the royal arms of the planet. 


Soldiers Uniform Reference Image:



Pretender to the Galactic Throne

Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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