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223-BFDS Blaster Pistol

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The 223-BFDS Blaster Pistol is a heavier gun-slinger's blaster, catering towards outlaws and bounty hunters. A single cartridge feeds the platform as a whole, with enough tibana gas for eighteen primary neon-green bolts. In exchange for its high weight, the pistol has a lot of utility, with an interchangeable secondary weapon system built in. The shooter can choose between a high yield bolt that consumes a third of the cartridge, or, an under-barrel disrupter that consumes the entire cartridge, and won't fire unless the cartridge is full. The blaster features a top rail system for mounting sights, and a built in laser pointer on the frame of the weapon. Due to its specialized nature, the weapon comes at a premium, the disruptor only being available on the black market can easily cost more than the platform itself.


(With credit to 'HQ Model' https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/gun/223-pistol-blaster-pbr (Most prevalent source))


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