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Sith Empire: The Felucian Harvest


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With the recent reclamation of Mon Calamari, the Sith Empire will redouble its efforts to the furthered expansion of its northern-western reach of the galaxy. In order to preserve quadrant-specific locations that efficiently streamline productivity between Korriban, Mon Calamari and Onderon, an effort has been forwarded to annex the wild reach of Felucia. The planet itself is an engineering of the Dark Side of the Force, graciously abundant in flora and fauna that make it desirable for the maturation of the Krath. With an enticing position on the Perlemian Trade Route leading to the Motherworld, and intelligence reports unearthing word of refugee colonies spun from the destruction of Coruscant, Felucia has been marked for harvest.



The Fall of the Free Alliance
The peoples of Felucia have not gone unnoticed in their treacheries. Although not all exist among the small cities, many of the wilds and jungles of Felucia are littered with the untamed who have long-since purchased their condemnation by aligning themselves with the Jedi Forces. Governing officials and shamans had brokered a deal with the Jedi Order under Grandmaster Darex Trevelian for protection and offered military aid against the Sith, which boldly persisted under Grandmaster Adenna in the form of infamous capital ship constructions that have assaulted Empire-protected worlds. 


“Discussions weren't long, and they were gratifying to all parties. The Free Alliance was a group of planets that had recently broken off from the Galactic Alliance, but hadn't wanted to become part of the Imperial Remnant. It was a small coalition of worlds who were simply hoping to keep their heads down if war erupted. But they nevertheless wanted to be under the protection of the Jedi Order. Darex explained that the Jedi weren't a defense force, but that he'd be completely open to allowing the Free Alliance to request Jedi aid and assistance. Jenteri agreed, and on top of that, told Darex that his people had sent a gift--a Maurader-class corvette and a Carrack-class frigate. He also promised Darex that if the Jedi ever needed further fleet support, the Free Alliance would help to the best of their ability by allowing them airspace or access to construction teams.”


Assassins & Bounty Hunters: Dace Jenteri is a high-valued target and will serve a handsome bounty reward for capture or kill


Remove the Jedi Imprint
Although the planet as a whole is largely covered in vast jungles and farms of a most majestic nature, the planet is not without the stamp of inorganic establishments and major positions of concern. There are city-ports run by political parties involved in the trade and survival of the struggling colonies (of which was pushed to the brink by recent plague), as well as major constructions erected for the enterprise of the Jedi. A rumored ‘abandoned’ Galactic Alliance-era Shipyard remains in geosynchronous orbit over a known Jedi Temple, one of which is protected by a planetary ion cannon and planetary shield, a decent ground force, and what was last reported as a small contingency of starfighter craft.


“The Jedi Temple on Felucia was the most publicly visible Jedi installations in the Galaxy. Despite the constant threats from the Sith, the Jedi refused to completely hide their presence, hoping to attract as many newcomers and recruits as possible. While there was definitely a Jedi affiliated military presence here, most of the defense strategy revolved around its planetary shields and ion cannons rather than brute strength. Even with the knowledge that a Sith fleet could appear above the vibrant colors of the fungal forests that made up most of the planet, recruits and possibly Force sensitive Aspirants continued to flood into the facility.”


Destroy, convert or capture:

Destruction of the Jedi Temple*

Planetary Ion Cannon

Planetary Shield,

All resistances and colonies associated with Jedi initiatives .


Resource Treasury

  • Nysillin, also known as sillum, or nysillim, is a healing herb grown as a common crop plant on the planet Felucia, and is harvested by a plethora of farming villages. 
  • The Yerdua Poison-Spitter blurred the distinction between animal, plant, and fungus. Its trunk is green and the flowering body is usually red and white. The "flower" consists of four thick "petals" with a poison-shooting organ in the center. Although its roots were firmly planted, the Yerdua could maneuver its vine-like trunk and flower with speeds usually associated with animals. It is considered semi-sentient. It could identify threats in its environment, aim, and release poison globules within seconds. If a predator got too close, the pedals would contract together, protecting the sensitive central organs. The Jungle Felucian natives are able to train the plants to guard their villages and trade routes from the native predators, and other enemies. In return, the Felucians feed the Yerdua meat, and keep the plants free of parasites. It is likely that the Yerdua's Poison is used by the Felucians for various purposes as well.


On this conquest, we will quickly realize the importance of the farming fields and the farmers that toll them. Most resources within this landscape can prove extremely valuable to the Sith efforts. We are not here to trade with the traitorous, we are here to command and conquer. This world belongs to our people, and all things that reside within. They will bow, or they will burn and be remade.


“Damnation! Or at least that is what they say about our sorry planet. Some say it is the wrath of God, or perhaps the force itself, but the fact still remains. Death has become Felucia. 

It walks like an old woman through the streets, knocking on some doors, passing others by. In those houses in which she visits the children pass first. Great boils along their lymph nodes, then like a cancer, it spreads through their bodies. Ending in the lungs where it brings a frothy red sputum. It affects immigrants and Felucian the like. Humans die faster than us, but perhaps it is a blessing. 


May the force protect us.” 
-Writings of Doctor Kildarn, published in holonet livejournal. 


The Felucian people have made their bed, and have had their hands in the death of our kind for far too long. They now suffer, as Felucia has turned on them, and the Dark Side eats at their core. The atmosphere class is TYPE I, but we will operate as if it were TYPE II and higher. A plague runs deep within their roots, so we will move with wisdom and carve out any afflictions that we face. Instruct your teams to keep distance, and maintain rank. Any of our sick will be isolated and quarantined, and the excellence of our medical corps will evaluate just what has occurred here and weaponize it if need be. Live samples for our research teams will be generously rewarded. 





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