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Shiro Seven 2.0

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Real Name: Shiro Seven

A.K.A: The Blooded Drexl

Homeworld: Odik II

Species: Humanoid


Physical Description


Age: 22

Height: 5'7

Weight: 175lbs

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Black with red irides

Sex: Male

Distinctive Features/Scars: Most notable distinctive features are his prosthetic right arm and shoulder, an iron lung, and blackened eyes with red irides.

Personality/Traits: Shiro is a calm and serene Soldier of the Imperial War Machine, following Orders and Commands without question. He finds himself upon the battlefield, a connection to war that calms the chaos within and feeds his one true desire: Destruction. Only through the chaos of Destruction, can true Order reign.




Clothing or Armor: Modified Force Hound Armor with vacuum sealed Armorweave and Draped with Sith Robes, Magnetic Boots, Rebreather Helm, Prosthetic Lung, Prosthetic Right Shoulder and Arm,

Weapon: Imperial Issued Vibro-Dagger, Augmented Bone Axe, Rakata ForceSaber (incomplete)

Common Inventory: Artor (Bull Rancor)


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Lawful

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Empire

Current Faction Rank: Lieutenant/Apprentice

Class Alignment: Warrior




Force Side: Dark

Trained by: Darth Awenyyd, Lady Telperiën

Trained who: 

Known Skills: 


Force Powers

Telekinesis (Intermediate)

Force Sight (Intermediate)

Force Rage (Intermediate)

Enhance Attribute (Intermediate)

Force Weapon (Beginner)

Force Wound (Beginner)

Spirit Transference (Beginner)


Warrior Skills

Predator Instincts (Beginner)

Mantle of Warriors (Beginner)

Dominance (Beginner)

Rapacious Persuit (Work in Progress)

Blood Pack (Beginner)

Break the Balance (Work in Progress)

Fetch (Beginner)

Shatter (Beginner)

Awaken Weapon (Work in Progress)

Skin of Steel (Beginner)

Apex Predator (Work in Progress)

Sawblade Strike (Beginner)

Chwit'Jen'Itsu (Beginner)

Tremor Impact (Beginner)

Advance of the Conquerors (Work in Progress)

The Hunt (Work in Progress)


Lightsaber Forms




Pre-Faction Background: Shiro was born on the penal world of Odik II, a descendant of one of the original dissidents. After murdering another citizen of Odik II and being arrested by Alliance Forces, Shiro was forced into hiding where his bounty became his prison. Enlisting in the Imperial Marines was his only choice of escape. After the battle of Coruscant, Shiro attained the rank of Corporeal within the Knights of the Blood Drexel and command over the Fang Squadron.


Faction Background: During his mission to Cathar under the Sith Lords, Lady Awenyyd and Lady Telperiën, Shiro was met with hostilities by the planet's wounds. Corrupted by the darkness, Lady Awenyyd used Shiro's power to complete her rituals and claimed him as her Apprentice, as the lone survivor of Fang Squadron.


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