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Fleet Rules Beta 2.0 Patch Notes

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General Rebalance


Defensive Golan Rework:
Golan platforms, since they are significantly larger than capital ships they will now have have three vulnerable zones and their Hull/Shields are pooled between these three vulnerable areas. This allows multiple attack vectors that can be exploited and or defended. Making for more engaging gameplay.


Damage Stacking

No more than three removal actions are allowed on any one taskforce. If there are more than three targeting a single taskforce additional actions are redirected at a -1 penalty. This prevents doomstacking an escort taskforce by shooting both it and the thing it is escorting. 


Forward Interception

Forward Interception is a stacking starfighter action, and its divert to shields value is equal to actions stacked.


Damage Determination 
When determining targets of attacks, legality takes precedence over existing damage. For example, a cruiser damaged by a stealth TF can still use its support ships to tank regular damage from task forces, because the other damage sources would not be able to ignore the support ships.


Taskforce Rebalance:

Artillery Taskforces have been adjusted to fire at delayed speed instead of the round after. 


Due to the relative weakness of cruiser based taskforces the following balance changes have been discussed and planned: For Destroyer group taskforces (Turbolaser, Missile, Railgun) combined TF reduction of -1 when focusing with another task force instead of -2


Capital ships (Heavy Brawler, Battleline) can escort two TFs of cruiser or smaller simultaneously.  


Taskforce Improvements/Modifications/Removals

For all removed taskforces: If you own a veteran or higher of the removed taskforces you can replace it with a Taskforce of your choice. Transferring all earned Experience points. Coordinate with the mods if you are confused. 


Removed Rapid Intervention Escort
Too weak for modern meta, could not find adequate balance improvements without drastically modifying the base task force. Keeping on back burner, but removed for now. 

Removed Mobile Disruption Escort
Far too strong in current meta. Corvettes were badly balanced in the early game. They may make a return as balance adjusts, but for now they are removed. 

Removed Catalyst Cascade
Far too strong in current iteration, replaced with Stealth EWAR/ECM taskforce

Removed Covert Cruiser: Silent Hunters
Replaced with an improved version with varied abilities and loadouts. 

Added Starfighter Command Taskforce
Sees general improvements on allied starfighter actions

Added Interceptor Carrier
Intended to provide extra bomber escorts as well as a way to attack light escorts

Added Interceptor Rush starfighter action
A bomber for use against light escorts. Causing 3 damage to corvettes and 2 to frigates. 


Balance Changes to Taskforces


Their ability does not affect carrier taskforces

Assault (Ram)
Unescortable due to their close proximity to action. No longer apply damage only to the cruiser in the taskforce. 


Medical Taskforce 
No longer apply to flagships

Apply 1 extra turn to the retreat timer for Reprisal Missions Evacuation Transports instead of forbidding evacuation entirely

Stealth Rework

This is a change we have been looking at for a long time. We are moving away from RNG based detection to something more realistic. (Or at least as realistic as you can find in Star Wars) Instead of choosing a number and hoping your opponent is extremely unlucky (Sorry Rebels) and does not find the number in time, we are making stealth a resource to be used. 


Stealth Rating: High vs Low, with detectors working to raise awareness, and stealth units trying to act without revealing their position. Stealth TFs start with a high stealth rating, and detectors start with a low combat awareness rating. Capital ships have lowest awareness rate and corvettes have highest awareness rate, and each TF determines base awareness by highest rated ship in TF or attached escort. (Capital = 1, Cruiser = 1, Frigate = 2, Corvette = 3)
Stealth ships start at stealth rating of 10, and lose stealth rating when performing actions. There are actions that they can do to raise their stealth rating back up to a maximum of 10 (Or 8 for capitals), but staying at ten while contributing to the battle should be difficult if not impossible. An engaged stealth ship is discovered when the targeted TF’s awareness rating matches or exceeds the stealth rating of the engaged ship. For support stealth ships and stealth ships that are not engaged, discovery occurs when any enemy ship has awareness equal to or exceeding double their stealth rating. Each time that the stealth ship is discovered, its stealth cap is reduced by one. Task Forces can temporarily double their awareness by sacrificing a turn to focus on sensor sweeps, escorts automatically do this on turns that they aren’t fired upon by other TFs (starfighter actions and stealth attacks do not prevent this passive ability), and their awareness can be used in place of the TF they are escorting if it is higher.


Sensor Sweeps have been rebalanced as well. Each global sensor sweep raises all allied awareness by 1. Capping at 3 for each Global Sweep. Fighter based sensor sweeps are localized to the taskforce they are assigned to and give a plus 1 to combat awareness. 

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