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Real Name: HC-42

A.K.A: The Xi Char's Masterpiece

Homeworld: Charros IV

Species: Battle Droid


Physical Description

Age: 6 (physically)

Height: 2 meters

Weight: 200 kilograms

Hair: None

Eyes: Red Sensors

Sex: Masculine Programming



Clothing or Armor: Durasteel alloy armor

Weapon: Heavy Repeating Blaster, Thermal Detonators, Poison Gas Grenades, electrostaff.

Common Inventory: Built-in Comlink, computer port, self-repair tools.


Faction Information

Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Non-Force User (NFU)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Rebel Alliance 

Current Faction Rank: Cadet



Force Side: None

Trained by: Programmed on Charros IV by Xi Charrian engineers

Trained who: None

Known Skills: High intelligence, programmed in various armed and unarmed fighting skills/strategies, slicing skills.


Background: A Xi Charrian battle droid prototype, HC-42 was developed by Haor Chall Engineering's best minds. Strong enough to lift a heavy repeating blaster cannon with only one arm, he was designed to duel wield the minigun with an electrostaff in his other hand for close encounters. The Xi Charrian religion, having devoted themselves to precision technology, were determined to develop a "masterpiece droid" to defend them from threats and achieve enlightenment. That being said, he was developed in secret and smuggled off Charros IV when the laboratories there were attacked by the Sith Empire, who saw the Xi Charrians' neutral status and advanced technology as a potential threat to them. Programmed simply to "defend the Xi Char," HC-42 calculated that the most efficient method of doing so would be to ally with the Rebel Alliance. While traversing the galaxy, he was eventually attacked by black market tech smugglers on Nar Shaddaa who were impressed by his design and wanted to sell him. While he was able to kill many of them, one used an ion grenade to weaken his electrical systems, and almost managed to deactivate him. However, HC-42 was rescued by a local Rebel Alliance patrol, and was recruited on the spot. He is currently in training with other cadets, but is experiencing discrimination from other cadets, who are intimidated by his unknown design and efficiency in combat.


Ship Registration

Name: Vulture Vengeance

Class: Shuttle

Model: Sheathipede

Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering


Length: 14.4 meters

Armaments: 3 light laser cannons

Armor: Medium

Anti-Personnel Defenses: None

Modifications: Improved armor, modified for use by one pilot.




Offical art of Captivator, a unique assassin droid hired by Jabba to  capture Han right after the events of ANH | from the Smuggler's Run comic  adaption, art by Ingo Römling : starwarscomics


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