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Sith Academy (Guide Assist to Training)


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• Instructors
• Basic Courses & Electives
• Leaving the Academy
• Field Practice
• Trials


The purpose of the Academy is to see to the training of Acolytes/Apprentices in a concise, informative manner while both ensuring a basic understanding of the Force to newcomers and freeing up Masters to participate in the tasks of their respective Order.





Instructors will be NPC’s of Master rank written by players who have achieved the rank of Master in their respective Order. Writing this training NPC is a compulsory task for everyone in the Order necessary to ensure that training of new players and characters does not slow down the larger machinations of the Order. This leaves your actual character free to see to their own development, stories, and missions for the Order.


The NPC instructors should cover all of the basics apprentices are required to learn before taking trials, but the instructor you write should reflect your own special skills and knowledges. This is not only a chance to help your Order flourish and help players have a fuller learning experience, but will also help you develop how you understand and develop the way of the Force in your own writing. You could focus teaching what you are already proficient in, or take the opportunity to practice skills you are lacking in.


This service will not take up as much time as you may imagine. With multiple instructors, classes will be delegated and apprentices will be grouped. As classes are completed, one instructor will wrap up the class while another prepares to start the next one. To the apprentices, learning will be consistent. To the instructors efforts will only be once in a while, and delivered in a concise and informative manner.












Basic Courses


The fundamentals is a largely debated subject between instructors, which is why individual training has largely been left to the Master (exceptions may occur in the wake of extremely talented Sith Lords). This academy seeks to remedy that by establishing a baseline for everyone.


These basic courses will by no means include everything an apprentice needs to take their trials. That would take away a lot from the learning process and feel cold and static for everyone involved. Instead, this Academy aims to teach 75% of the basics to streamline the process for everyone, then the remaining 25% will be finished by an actual PC Master. This will be when the apprentice leaves the academy to join their Order in the galaxy proper, beginning to take up their specializations from their Master and given a chance to practice and polish what they learned in the academy.



  • Introductory Force Philosophy (Lecture/ Q&A)
    • 1 Class


 Connecting With the Force (Interactive)

  • First steps & continued practice
    Types of Meditation
    2-3 Classes

 Force Sense (Interactive, Multiple)

  • 3 Classes, starting from basic Force sense to augmenting physical senses.

 Telekinesis (Interactive, Multiple)

  • 3 Classes

 Force Body (Interactive, Multiple)

  • Classes for augmenting speed, strength, and endurance. 3 Classes total.

 Lightsaber Combat (Interactive, Multiple)

  • 2 Classes for Basics
    1-3 Classes for specific Forms

 Advanced Philosophy (Sith Philosophy)

  • More difficult questions and answers, individual purpose, greater purpose.
    1-2 Classes, depending on needs of student.


These 15 to 19 classes form the very basics of Force training. Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket of studying the many broad aspects of the Force. In addition to these basics, the Apprentices are given the option of choosing from a few elective courses. Electives aren't required to leave the Academy and continue training with a Master, but they will give a head start on learning more complex techniques. These classes should be mixed up in a logical sense. (e.g. It doesn't make sense to teach Telekinesis before they learn to connect with the Force.)


Elective Courses


Elective courses are largely determined by the instructors. Remembering that some techniques will always be beyond apprentices, some instructors could establish set courses they feel themselves proficient in, or hold courses on a case by case basis when individual apprentices show interest or promise in something specific outside of the basic courses. These are a few listed examples of class delegations as well as creative courses that may fall under each one:


  •  The Warrior Way (Lecture/ Q&A / Interactive)
    • - Weapon Mastery / Advanced Dueling
      - Beastmasters
      - Weapon Forging
      - & More

 The Mind of a Krath (Lecture/ Q&A / Interactive)

  • - Elemental Manipulation
    - Item Enchantment / Alchemy
    - Necromancy
    - & More


 Handbook of Assassinations (Lecture/ Q&A / Interactive)

  • - Poison Manipulation
    - Fighting Styles / Weapon Mastery
    - Advanced Force Manipulation / Shadow Play
    - & More



Leaving the Academy


Completing Basics isn't enough to consider a Force user proficient. Without being able to apply said techniques under straining and ever changing circumstances, how could an Apprentice survive? This is why the remaining time before trials is spent under the watchful eye of someone from the Order who has already passed their own trials. This gives higher ranking Sith the ability to train and fulfill requirements to continue their own advancement as well as hone their own techniques by teaching their underlings.


The apprentice will follow their teacher on missions and use what they have learned to the best of their ability. This time should be spent practicing the basics learned at the academy as well as learning new techniques that will lay the foundation for any specializations they want to pursue.


After some time and a few missions, the teacher submits a request to the Faction leader to give trials to their apprentice. Who actually gives the trials is up to the Faction leader.

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