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Real Name: Titanus Dark

A.K.A: Canderous Bralor, Atlas Dark

Homeworld: Gargon

Species: Miraluka


Physical Description


Age: 36

Height: 1.82 Meters

Weight: 84.36 Kilograms

Hair: Peppered

Eyes: N/A

Sex: Male

Distinctive Features/Scars: Many scars litter his form from battle, each bearing a new prideful boast. Most distinguishing scars are intersecting scars on the chest and back where two lightsabers were driven through his form, forcing him to once use prosthetics to live.

Personality/Traits: Titanus has taken on my personas and traits over the years, but the true persona he possesses is the one of conversing through combat. A former Member of Black Sun and a Bounty Hunter, he lives for the moment of combat, to test himself no matter the consequences. He's an avid preacher of Kad Ha'rangir and believes himself a living testament to the God's true path.




Clothing or Armor: White Durasteel Helm with no Visor, White Durasteel Breastplate, Pauldrons, Rerebraces, Vambraces, Cuisses and Greaves, with Red Robed Fauld and Tassets, Vacuum Sealed Armorweave, Magnetic White Durasteel Sabatons

Weapon: Twin Beskad Blades(carried), DXR6 Carbine modified with Silencer(carried), DXR-6b Disrupter Rifle(Fenrir), FA-3 Flechette Launcher(Fenrir), Model 22T4 HoldOut Blaster(carried)

Common Inventory: Bandolier with 3x Reload Packs, Credits, Food


Faction Information


Force User

Alignment: Chaotic Unlawful

Current Faction Affiliation: Mandalorian Crusader, Black Sun(Former)

Current Faction Rank: Crusader, Self Proclaimed Prophet, Black Sun Bounty Hunter(Former)




Force Side: Dark

Trained by: N/A

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills: 


Force Powers

Force Sight (Hereditary)


Lightsaber Forms




Pre-Faction Background: Originally sold off to cover off his parent's spice habit, Titanus was adopted by the Bralor Clan of Mandalore. Shedding the name of Titanus Dark, he took on the name Canderous Bralor in honor of his Clan's founding. A well traveled spacer, Titanus is a veteran of the stars.


Faction Background: When Manda'lor called for the Crusade, Titanus shed the name of Atlas Dark and once again took up the moniker of Canderous Bralor to follow her into battle.


Ship Registration


Name: F.E.N.R.I.R.

Class: Fourth Degree Droid

Model: Basilisk

Manufacturer: Mandalorians

Length: 7 Meters


Shockwave Generator Rods

Laser Cannons

Shatter Missle Launchers

Pulse Wave Cannons

Armor: Beskar

Anti-Personnel Defenses: Due to Fenrir's design, both he and Titanus have a kinship bond that sets the two apart from the rest of the Mandalorians. Because of this, Fenrir will not allow another to touch him.


Appearance: Rather large for the usual Basilisk War Droids, this ancient beast sports the same design as the rest. Painted white by Titanus, it sports a red emblem of Clan Bralor.

History: Not much of Fenrir's history is known, only that his saddle bears the name given to him. A wild beast like sentience, Fenrir was deemed untamable by many generations of Mandalorians until Titanus came to know him during the last Mandalorian Crusade. 


Edited by Dar'Manda


Formally Known as Hunter Of Shadows/Dark

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