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Astrographical Information

Region: Inner Rim

Sector: Roasi

System: Charnal

Orbital Position: 5

Moons: 1, Castor

Grid Coordinates: R-7


Physical Information

Class: Terrestrial

Atmosphere: Type 1 Breathable

Primary Terrain: Hills, Mountains, Gorges, Forest, Caves, Old and Decaying Cities

Points of Interest: Maltoris (Planetary Capital), Temple of the Unseen Gods


Societal Information

Indigenous Species: Humans

Immigrated Species: Humans, Arkanian 

Primary Language(s):Galactic Standard Basic

Faction Affiliation: Old Republic




One of the homeworlds or spiritual confluence of the Pius Dea movement some ten thousand years ago, the world has been left mostly unchanged since that ancient time. Its ancient temples now mostly ruins of tumbled marble, and its alters no more than overgrown patches of weeds. Three cities remain, with a single starport between them to serve the archaeological digs that have been ongoing for the last several hundred years. 


The blood red star, a supergiant is nearing the end of its life. The archaeological teams have reported the danger of a supernovae to the Galactic Alliance. Since the distress calls were directed to the Coruscant relay’s on Hesperidium, they never arrived instead spanning off into the core. The system is experiencing its final death throes, the star dropping into a runaway nuclear fusion and all communications down from gravitational waves. 


This is a dying planet. 


May the force help them all. 

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Oh ye wild storm. 


A thunderous blow was struck against the hull of the IDS Conveyor, refugee transport, one of the old Orion boats from the Old Republic. The gravitational distortion tore the back out of the old vessel, and the transport shuddered in the upper atmosphere before coming apart at the welded seams. A thousand lives were snuffed out as the old ship broke apart and fell in ruins among the old city. 


No great fires burned from the fall of the Conveyor. Save what fuel remained to burn. For the city had long ago been ravaged by fire, and all that remained were the bleached marble skeletons of great buildings and statues. \


But for those on the surface of the damned world, they knew that the escape corridor had shrunk again.


Oh ye thunderous storm. 


And below, in the old diggings, Doctor Etralian worked away. 


NPCs for boardwides and small stories on request

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Kadi wasn't prepared for the sight that awaited her upon exiting hyperspace. She knew that evacuations had been dangerous, but what she saw was a graveyard. her Acklay grew agitated- it could sense that something was wrong, and as she soothed it's mind through the force, she worked to hide her own concerns. The dying sun cast the whole system in an eerie red glow, and she could feel the chance to save those left on-world slipping away. This whole system, lost. She looked at the captain- She'd kept he and his crew on her hire, for now. He had concerns in his mind, and they were etched clear upon his face. She reached past him, to the communications panel.


"Jackson, stay close to our ship. This graveyard may be more dangerous than it seems. I'm going to see if we can get closer safely, make contact with the people still stranded below."


The ship lurched as it turned towards the planet, creeping forward as the scanned for any signals. Hopefully they would find someone, anyone that could still use their help. She hoped that they weren't too late- With the number of ships dead above the planet it was possible they'd all died attempting a mass exodus.


"This is Jedi Knight Kadi Silan, responding to the archeologist distress signal on Mithras. If anyone is still alive down there, speak up."

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Static burst from the comm panel of the hired vessel. Waves and pulses of static that the computer struggled to process into any intelligible sound. Eventually, ten or so seconds late, a lonely voice could be distantly heard through the mass of static. 




One of the three evacuation transports punched through the static with the clear voice of its own captain.


“Jedi! Finally, we were sent to evacuate this archaeological site, but the pulses from the star are cutting us off. Conveyor tried and well not even her escape pods made it. Ripped to shreds and dashed on the surface of the planet. We need to go as soon as possible.”


Could the Jedi guide the transports in? Would they go in one at a time or all at once? 




We are nearly to the Antichamber. Gods preserve us, we need to hurry. 

NPCs for boardwides and small stories on request

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Jackson felt his ship and his soul lurch as the Plunder dropped out of hyperspace like a stone skipped across a pond. The sight that greeted him on arrival was hauntingly familiar in both form and feel, as his senses reached out to touch the wreckage. Even the light cast by the blood-red star, and gravity fluctuations were almost nostalgic. He knew how to navigate fields like these just by feel, though without the Force as a guide he knew it would be difficult. The cargo hold of his ship would have to be dumped as well, if he wanted to take on passengers from the surface, but perhaps the salvage could find some use as a screen of sorts. Like dust, used to follow wind currents.

"They're always more dangerous than they seem, miss Silan. I should be able to guide us in if necessary, I've lived inside places like this for the past few years, after all. If you have any loose cargo, it may be worth considering tossing it. We'll really have to hurry to get everyone out."


The Plunder's engines roared to life as her pilot kicked her into gear and began to dive. The old Wayfarer spiraled itself around Kadi's larger transport ship as it crept forward, doing its best to outline what Jackson sensed what was a safe path.

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The rest of the communication faded into static that blasted through the cockpit’s speaker system. That singular star, once a small pale and shaded thing, now bloated to a hundred times its old size and a deep ruby crimson, began to tremble visibly along its outer edges. It had happened a hundred times before, but those staring through telescopic lenses from the surface knew it all too well. A mass coronal ejection was going to take place, and Gods alone could save those about to make the corridor. Unless they could harness the force itself, their ships would be heavily damaged. It was a small ejection, and the crimson fire it spat out towards the ships was almost malicious. As was everything about Mithras.

NPCs for boardwides and small stories on request

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