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Sleeper Cells simply cannot chance an opportunity to be out of contact, under any circumstances. Sleepers use a microfine web of transceiver wiring and optical augmentation that contributes to their connectivity to Command on a Nemesis Grid. These units act as a built-in compad for the user and allow for reception and transmission of audio and visual recordings, the latter playing in an inset window in the user's field of vision. If the unit is operating outside of a standard comm grid, it has a transmission that extends exponentially by way of a wide-spread Nemesis relay bounce that is scattered throughout conquered territories. Sleepers can transmit basic visual diagrams and images to each other, as well as optical recordings. 


The sleeper cells were scattered within every active contingent, despite how thorough any of the autonomous Sith had been within their powerbase. Exodus was there; an ear, a tongue, and a dagger in the shadows to reveal itself whenever he desired. These cells moved with alacrity now, delivering what was instructed to assigned operatives all throughout the heirarchy of the Sith Empire. 


Amidst the thousands, 


Tros, Lady Zedrin, and Master Qaela were addressed briefly. 




"Onderon, launching point. Return home effective immediately. Command will instruct upon arrival."


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