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Real Name: Eligreen


Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Firrerreo


Physical Description


Age: 28

Height: 6' 1”

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Blue and black, color is fading to a dull gray

Eyes: Yellow-Sith

Sex: Male





Clothing or Armor: Black nanosilk Sith robes

Weapon(s): Ceremonial Sacrificial Dagger-neuranium contained as the handle of an Ithorian Wood walking cane; ultrachrome lightsaber hilt (stillblade)

Common Inventory: sack of jade soul coins, variety of crystals, bloodletting kit, standard Republic credit chit linked to accounts across the known universe, comm link, rebreather, signet ring,


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: Force Sensitive

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith

Current Faction Rank: Lord (Sorcerer-Necromancer)




Force Side: Sith

Trained by: Darth Gor

Trained who: N/A

Known Skills:

-Architectural Design

-Numerous burial and death traditions from a plethora of cultures


-Sith lore

-Sith & Galactic histories

-scribe work

-primitive hunting

-lightsaber/sword combat basics

Force Skills:

-Standard Sith training/abilities

-Necromancy (Necropolis Kings)






Eligreen was born a nobody, a lone son of factory laborers in the depths of the galactic capital. Eligreen grew up with a mediocre existence. He was not important, nor was anyone he knew. People came into his life and left at regular intervals. Soon enough they were forgotten. When his parents died, worked to death toiling to create countless machined parts for everything from tables to freighters, their community gathered for a time of remembrance; only for their memories to fade into obscurity over the following weeks and months. Eventually, even Eligreen stopped speaking of them, though their memories remained in the recesses of his mind. It became apparent, nothing was permanent, the galaxy was constantly  churning forward, a cosmic machine that chewed up and discarded every being, molecule, and even cosmic entity. 

Discovered by the Sith Empire, Eligreen was taken for training, their brutal techniques cementing to the young Firrereo that if anything was ever to change, he would need to be the architect of his own future. The Sith had risen from a tribe of barbaric beasts to become an eternal power that refused to allow the galaxy to forget them. Eligreen threw himself into his studies with abandon, delving into the dark arts that surrounded the ultimate stamp of loss and being forgotten, death. He would learn the power over even this and make it his own. He would ensure that he was never forgotten. He would be known across the cosmos for eons to come.  When the galaxy faded to dust, all that remained would be the memory of who he had to become.


For a time, Eligreen poured himself into his feigned loyalties, serving his master’s designs; knowing all along they amounted to nothing. Meanwhile, Eligreen poured over forgotten tomes searching for any answer the force had to offer. As such, Eligreen discovered Necromancy and soon fell in with the teachings of the Necropolis Kings of yore. Their sprawling accursed temples and fortresses standing as testaments to time of their power. In them, Eligreen saw an opportunity to preserve himself for eternity. More so, he would surpass even the Valley of The Dark Lords, his fanciful estate of magically preserved ice-shroud megaliths  dwarfing entire worlds. The obscene and arcane were Eligreen’s tools. The ravages of time, his enemy. Nothing would stand in his way. Power would stagnate and the memory of his powers would be whispered about in fear for all eternity.

Through it all, the dark side took it’s toll on Eligreen, every sacrifice, every profane ritual charged it’s price. By the time he was granted the rank  of Lord, Eligreen, now christened Darth Inmortos, was a shadow of his former self. His innate healing abilities stayed the worst of the ravages of darkness, but still, the gold-skinned Firrereo’s eye grew weak, features gaunt, and skin loose, glassy, pale, and sallow. He walks with his heavy walking cane, each step a thought out footfall towards eternity.



Ship Registration


Name: Eternus 

Class: Yacht

Model: S-161 “Stinger” XL

Manufacturer: Latero Spaceworks


Length: 50 Meters


Armaments: Two laser cannons

Armor: Standard

Anti-Personnel Defenses: None as of yet, it’s a civilian vessel.


Appearance: Stock model


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