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Of the Hunters, those blessed by the Dark Lord with a portion of his power to pursue the enemies of the Dark Side and wayward creations to the ends of the universe:



The House of Silent belongs to those born to beast and bow and to the unparalleled marksmen amongst the Lords of the Sith.



They are the most bestial of the Hunters, taking on the predatory nature in a moderated form, slinking in the shadows, stalking their prey from distance and only striking when the opponent is at its weakest or most vulnerable.


This Archetype will typically struggle with Hand-to-Hand Combat


The House of the Sanguine pervert life-blood itself turning their own blood and that of their victims into a weapon of the hunt.



They can fuel attacks with their own blood-energy, bleeding themselves in order to achieve their goals. They are able to consume the blood of others to enhance themselves, to a point; as Sith cannot heal themselves this is a temporary enhancement. They can use the force through the blood of those they spill to see some portion of the past, divine partial secrets (hematomancy), and track their victims. A part of Hematomancy is imbuing the Dark Side into the bone-marrow itself, increasing blood-cell production at an increased rate for use in self-harm rituals, so that the user doesn't bleed out should something go wrong the first time. 


This Archetype will typically struggle with Mental-Based Warfare


Of that House of the Afflicted, that syndicate of torturers and madmen, what can be spoken but of their misdeeds?




The Afflicted are Force-sickened to the point of madness and are as dangerous to themselves as to their enemies. Self-mutilation, Self-Experimentation, all to slake the thirst for power that the Dark Side has cursed them with. They are the creators of Sith Amalgamations and hunt for the perverse delight in the deaths of their victims and for the joy inherent in the slaughter.

They are the worshipers of the Force’s darkest demons and are generally loners, if not hated by the Council of the Dark Lords due to their unpredictability. Their focus is on pure destructive power and manipulation.


This Archetype will typically struggle with Hand-to-Hand Combat


((This is true mental illness, these are the easiest to roleplay badly, do not roleplay these as a joke, or as a quirk. This is an opportunity to write the darkest portions of the mind. Treat it with respect. Don’t be that cringy weirdo.))


The Powers of the Hunters



These powers are a baseline ideal, and each should be used differently by the separate houses of the Sith Hunters.

Restriction: Hunters can only use their force powers through imbued weapons, their weapons or through their bodies themselves.


Powers available to all Houses:


Elementalism: The Hunter imbues their chosen weapons with an element that is the reflection of their soul, adding that element to the potential damage.


Agility: Hunters are able to easily move around a battlefield through augmentation of their speed and muscles with the Dark Side, gifting them with unnatural movement ability at the cost of decreased tactical sense. The hunt overcomes the hunter, driving them towards victory or doom, even against their fading will.


Primitive Weapons: Dual usage weapons are the favorite of the Hunters, such as a sword-whip, a crossbow-ax, bow-sword, etc are all within the purview of the hunter, but due to their reliance on the force, they reject most forms of modern weapons. (Those are the purview of the NFU). Primitive weapons from a more uncivilized age are far easier to imbue with the force and corrupt for the usage of the Sith Hunter.


Of the Bestial Soul and Sith Amalgamations: 


The Sith Hunters are paired with the predator that their soul most closely reflects, so closely so that it is part of their Lordship Trials, as important as the creation of one’s lightsaber. In order to create such a creature, the Hunter must infuse a part of their soul into a broken creature or soldier, binding them into themselves through a force-bond. An example of this can be as simple as the pairing of a Sanguine and a Bloodhound, each paired and in synchrony with the powers of the other, an augmentation of the other.


Amalgamations are shattered creations, grown into perverted life from the inspiration of the Force. Amalgamations are more dangerous to the user, as they come from the Dark Side itself and have such demonic entities as ancient Sith Lords or wandering souls bound into them. These creations should be roleplayed as influential and a character unto themselves.


The Bestial Soul or Amalgamation can be imbued with the paired element that the Sith Hunter has chosen which will affect the way it attacks and is roleplayed.


Due to the nature of the Force Bond, to lose the paired creature is to lose a part of one’s self, and the psychic backlash should be roleplayed as a major weakness in a battle.


Duel-Related Rules: The Bestial Soul or Amalgamation acts as an additional avenue for attacks against an opponent, but with increased risk. They are not a disposable NPC, and cannot be one-shot, but the death or wounding of your creation has serious consequences upon the power you can draw upon from the Force.


You cannot deflect all attacks onto the beast and if it takes damage it does not count as taking damage by you in a duel. (In essence if all your opponent’s attacks are absorbed by your companion, you aren’t respecting your opponent’s attacks, this isn’t a cheap way to go “see you did hit me, by that I mean my sabercat took the hits”)


It is an additional tool in your toolbox, it should not be your main weapon, but an augment to your battle-strategy.


House-Specific Powers


House of the Silent:


  • Force Camouflage: Disguise your actions within the battlefield to blend into it, making it easier to strike from a distance. One cannot completely disappear, but you have become adept at blurring the edges of your form, making it harder for you to stand out.


  • Broken Arrow: Your weapon sheds mass to add additional fragmentary damage at the cost of impact and accuracy. An example of this would be for an arrow to shatter into several smaller fragmentary projectiles in flight due to the Force's application on their chemical or biological structure.


  • Ensnare: Your traps are an extension of yourself and can be blurred through the same act of camouflage. These traps are rudimentary and effective pieces of force-imbued darkmetal or bone and can be used to help control the battlefield in a duel, or as an attack themselves if your opponent steps into one.


House of the Sanguine:


  • Building Trauma: You cut yourself, drawing a wound upon yourself, utilizing the pain and spilled lifeblood to fuel and strengthen your own attacks through your connection to the Dark Side.


  • My Disease Becomes Yours: Drawing from a wound, you imbue your own blood with disease, an element, or dark energy, and attack your enemy with it in a caustic spray of potential damage which is carried through the physical droplets of blood. 


  • Bitter Mirror: You wound yourself with your cursed weapon, and the attempted attack radiates through the Force becoming a potential physical attack against your enemy, which can be blocked or redirected if needed. 


  • Bloodlust: You are drawn to spilled blood of your enemy, and if consumed, can be used to divine some weakness through hematomancy and to add to your next attack.


House of the Afflicted:


  • Torturing Pain: You feed off the pain of others, using it to fuel yourself, and can attempt to latch onto the pain of an opponent and enhance it as an attack in an attempt to destabilize and undermine them.


  • Demonic Liturgy: Your darkness takes form as a single use attack amalgamation of dark side energy which attacks in a maddened, bestial charge of claws, teeth, or whatever form your imagination can attempt within reason.


  • Broken Birth: With an attempt to divine that which is an opponent’s greatest fear or stressor, you can attempt to birth it forth into the mind of your opponent to torture them into submission or convert them to your Unholy Orthodoxy.


On Mental Attacks: In the past these attacks have been either hit or miss completely based on the mod ruling. Mental attacks are like any other attack, they cannot auto-hit but they should be well respected by an opponent. If you rip into someone’s mind, the fact that you did that is not an auto-win, and is not an auto-lose like it used to be if you actually respect an attack like that. It should be weighed like any attack given in a duel.


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