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Wave Two Fleet Rules (Alpha build)

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Wave Two New Mechanics


Wave two introduces artillery cruisers, rear line fire support with slow but powerful attacks. Artillery cruisers do eight damage against cruisers, capital, flagship, dreadnought, and space station targets, but only half damage against frigates and corvettes. Artillery halves enemy focus fire damage as long as other non artillery allied task forces are present (representing the extreme range and other ships keeping the enemy from closing the distance), but their removal abilities are resolved in the following round, instead of the round of their activation and announcement (an artillery attack must be stopped before it is initiated to cancel it, not before it resolves). Artillery damage does not spill over to other ships after destroying its target. Redeploying an escort to an artillery TF takes a full turn regardless of the escort’s ship classes. Fighter actions targeting artillery have a one round transit delay before they can engage, but attack or intercept on subsequent rounds at regular speed until they target a non artillery target. The transition delay occurs each time that they shift between the two zones.


Artillery can target other artillery without halving damage due to range. Artillery cannot fire if escorted by anything larger than a corvette.


You also now have access to assault lance task forces, short range task forces that often gamble their own health to deal heavy damage to the enemy.


Third, we have legendary task forces and the campaign system. The dominant faction will start the campaign cycle with more legendary task forces, but must spread them out throughout their holdings. The underdog faction will have to pick their targets carefully, slowly dismantling the dominant faction’s forces through surgical strikes while liberating/subjugating worlds to expand their own forces for a final no holds barred battle at the capital. Without spoiling too much, there are stats for dreadnought class ships. Seizing the capital will be virtually impossible for the underdogs in the beginning of the campaign, but each high value enemy target destroyed and shipyard captured will shift the balance.


Our initial plan is a three tier escalation, with each tier having two legendary task force hunt missions and one assault on a fortified hardpoint. The hardpoints will increase in difficulty as the campaign progresses, with the attackers having to overcome increasingly more formidable threats such as golan defense platforms. Each time that the underdog forces manage to defeat a legendary task force, they gain a legendary task force of their own. Each hardpoint defeated decreases the size of the capital’s naval garrison while giving the attackers additional ships during the final siege.


When players are doing fleet battles at non campaign targets, legendary task forces can only participate in engagement scale battles, and each side is limited to one legendary task force. The dominating faction is limited to one legendary task force in missions where the underdogs are hunting them, and cannot use them in assaults on hardpoints (The attackers will already have enough on their plates with the special defenses). When the underdogs attack the capital, any legendary task forces that have not been hunted down will be present for the defense of the capital, along with a dreadnought class battleship with a terrifying amount of firepower and health, and a golan defense platform for each hardpoint not taken, plus one additional platform. Controlling the dreadnought in the final battle replaces a player’s allotment of task forces for that battle, and controlling one of the golans replaces two task forces.


After the destruction of a hardpoint, the dominant faction launches a reprisal mission on the rebel base, with the option of using any or all of their legendary task forces while the underdogs try to evacuate as many of their forces and materials as possible with each defending commander running two task forces instead of three. The goal of the defenders is to successfully evacuate at least half of their transports(of which there are four, each taking three rounds to make it to the evac point), which they can launch together en masse, in groups, or separately. Success earns the underdogs another legendary task force, but if the dominant faction manages to destroy over half of the transports, the underdogs lose a legendary task force and the dominant faction gains one. This new legendary task force can be targeted by a hunt mission as per normal.


The underdogs can use whatever legendary task forces that they have unlocked so far in the campaign on any campaign missions (Hunts, Assaults, and the final siege). Each hardpoint taken grants an additional unowned destroyer or escort task for the final siege. Numbers are not final and are very subject to change. If the underdogs fail to take the capital, the most recently captured hardpoint is retaken by the dominant faction, and the campaign continues as normal. 


If the underdogs successfully take the capital, control of the galaxy changes hands, and the newly dominant faction gains control of the narrative for the status quo of the galaxy. Both sides reset their experience for their task forces as a period of peacetime dulls the edge of their soldiers, and the flagships for each side have their upgrades scaled back to one upgrade each. For two months there is a period of peace for players to catch their breath and enjoy their conquest/plot their revenge before hostilities resume. The new dominant faction chooses its pool of legendary task forces at this point and the cycle continues.  


Wave Two Task Forces


Shadow Warfare Pod(Stealth Cruiser): Catalyst Cascade

Green: The task force uses hackers to disrupt and corrupt critical systems. Instead of a regular attack, this task force infects a targeted cruiser or capital ship. It must be within scan range to do this. At the end of the round, damage equal to the number of infected capitals and cruisers (max 3 damage) is done to each infected ship. Infected ships act at delayed speed. If the cyber warfare pod is destroyed or withdraws, the infection stops as a failsafe to prevent the viruses from going rogue.

Veteran: The malicious code is self replicating and can jump to other ships trying to coordinate with it. Whenever task forces combine fire on a single target, escort or are escorted by, and in the case of cruisers perform an ability together with an infected ship, the infection spreads to up to two capitals and cruisers.

Elite: The cruiser’s stealth kit is upgraded to include a cloaking device, and infected ships also take a single point of hull damage at the end of each round.


Assault Lance [Kinetic Ram] ( Capital ship or Cruiser with support craft): Juggernaut

Green: The TF is equipped with a kinetic ram, and is able to charge enemy task forces. When the ship charges a task force, it can do standard removal damage to a target as normal, or if the target is escorted by a cruiser or capital ship, half to the escort and half to the original target. Smaller enemy support and escort ships can try to intercede, but such efforts are pyrrhic, destroying the interceding ship and causing light damage to the TF (2 damage for corvettes and 4 damage for frigates)(Clarification, these ships do not reduce the incoming damage, they just cause damage to the assault lance). Corvettes and frigates are too small and nimble to be directly charged.

Veteran: Once per battle, the TF can charge at increased momentum, dealing full removal damage to both an escorting ship and the TF that it is protecting, at the cost of three hull damage to itself.

Elite: Destroying the targeted TF completely restores the Assault Lance’s use of an increased momentum charge. 


Artillery Battery[Incendiary] (Artillery Cruiser with support): Long Range War Crime

Green: The Artillery Cruiser does artillery damage, declaring a target each round and resolving it in the following.

Veteran: Ships and stations hit by this weapon take one hull damage each round until they spend a turn doing nothing other than fighting the flames or they all burn to death.

Elite: Space stations and Dreadnoughts take two damage a round, instead of one. Burning ships cannot be repaired until the flames are extinguished.


Artillery Battery[Gravity Crusher] (Artillery Cruiser with support): Maelstrom

Green: The Artillery Cruiser does artillery damage, declaring a target each round and resolving it in the following.

Veteran: Targets hit by the gravity attack have their actions delayed as the crew is sent reeling by competing gravity fields.

Elite: Escort ships hit by this TF are knocked out of position and cannot intercept enemy attacks that round.


Artillery Battery[Beam Cutter] (Artillery Cruiser with support): Determined Destruction

Green: The Artillery Cruiser does artillery damage, declaring a target each round and resolving it in the following.

Veteran: Each round that the TF targets and hits the same ship that it hit the prior turn, its damage increases by one. This is a cumulative effect that continues to increase damage until the target is destroyed or the chain of attacks is interrupted.

Elite: The cumulative damage increase is now two each round.


Tactical Support Escort (Cruiser and support craft): Jack of All Trades

Green: The cruiser can do removal damage.

Veteran: The cruiser does an additional two damage when it is the only ship attacking its specified target this round.

Elite: When supporting a focus fire action from the TF it is escorting, this TF can outflank an escorting enemy TF and hit the escorted TF.


Combat Air Patrol Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): No Fly Zone

Green: The TF controller can perform an additional two starfighter actions each round, that must be interception.

Veteran: Interception actions from this TF are declared in the reaction phase, with the bombers inbound attacks declared. Bombers Inbound actions that are forced to redirect by interceptions involving this TF’s interceptors suffer a minus two damage penalty, instead of minus one.

Elite: When interception actions from this TF are stacked on a single TF, if the enemy targets it with any starfighter actions, the enemy will lose that many starfighter actions for the next round.


Advanced Warfighter Cadre (Cruiser and support craft): Superior technology

Green: The cruiser delivers precise fire at greater speed on account of its superior targeting computers. The task force does removal damage at fast speed.

Veteran: Greater familiarity with the targeting computers has allowed the crew to line up shots on obscured targets more effectively. The TF commander can choose which ship in the enemy TF it is hitting. This does not allow it to bypass escorts, if an escort is attached to the targeted TF, it must pick a ship from the Escort TF instead. 

Elite: Extremely rare components have been installed in the cruiser’s weaponry, allowing it to do six base removal damage instead of four.


Search and Destroy Cruiser (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): Ghost Hunters

Green: The TF controller can perform an additional global sensor sweep.

Veteran: If the TF or its allies successfully locate a stealth ship, specialized jamming ordnance is launched that nullifies any damage that it has banked. In the case of a shadow warfare pod, additional firewalls are established and the virus can no longer spread (But continues to damage ships that it has already infected).

Elite: The TF controller can perform an additional global sensor sweep, and sensor hardening is ignored. 


Heavy Gunship Carrier (Capital ship or cruiser and support craft): Hit and Run Tactics

Green: The TF can deploy its complement of gunships to support attacks on enemy ships. The TF controller chooses an enemy TF, and all allied TFs that hit the target this round do an additional point of damage. If the targeted TF is escorted, the additional damage effect is transferred over to attacks on the escort. Gunship support from multiple TFs cannot be stacked on the same target. Gunship support actions are treated as Bombers Inbound when determining how many starfighter actions can target a TF. If an interdictor is targeting the same task force with a grav well, the heavy gunship carrier owner allocates the bonus damage with the option to ignore supporting vessels.

Veteran: TFs targeted by this TF cannot use abilities that allow them to regenerate shields or hull damage, or benefit from repair or medical abilities being used on them.

Elite: If the targeted TF has support ships, they take three damage from the gunships, with the carrier TF controller choosing which ship is hit. If the targeted TF does not have support ships, the damage that it adds goes straight to hull.


Cyber Warfare Pod (Cruiser and support craft): Go for the Eyes

Green: The TF controller can attach any number of its support frigates to enemy TFs to serve as Relays. Enemy TFs that have Relays attached to them reduce their damage by one as hackers compromise their targeting computers. Frigates serving as relays cannot intercept damage for their parent TF or benefit from escorts attached to their TF. They can be targeted individually by enemies, but if they are destroyed damage does not carry over to other ships in their TF, unless there are other frigates acting as Relays. Multiple Cyber Warfare Pods cannot stack their Relays with each other. At this rank only one Relay may be attached to a given TF.

Veteran: Disrupted TFs do removal damage at delayed speed. Up to two Relays may deploy on a single TF. Carriers disrupted by Relays from this TF contribute one less fighter action.

Elite: Each frigate is now its own datacenter, and no longer relies on the cruiser to do the hacking. If the TF controller opts to keep a cruiser in the TF, Relay penalties to damage are doubled while the cruiser remains in play, and loss of the cruiser does not remove the TF’s ability. Alternatively, the cruiser may be swapped for three more independent frigate relays. Up to three relays can be deployed on a single TF. Targeted TFs cannot target this TF’s cruiser unless all other TFs have been destroyed or are invalid targets.


Engineering Support Cluster (Cruiser and support craft): Bucket Brigade

Green: Specialists on the frigates transfer repair materials stored on the cruiser to damaged ships. The TF attaches in a similar manner to an escort, but does not take up the escort slot. Each frigate in the TF can transfer enough materials to recover one damage on the targeted TF.

Veteran:  The TF may stop ongoing damage effects such as fires from incendiary rounds or viruses from the Shadow Warfare Pod.

Elite: Frigates can now restore two damage each, and ships they are repairing only have their actions delayed by TF abilities like ion cannon strikes, rather than being prevented entirely.


Partisan Militia Force (Corvettes): Overly Enthusiastic Bystanders

Green: A group of civilian vessels serving as partisan forces or having been seized by ultranationalist paramilitary forces, this TF can deal one damage per three corvettes, and task forces hit by them have their damage reduced by two for the round (This reduction does not stack with other Partisan Militia Forces, does not apply to carriers), as their bridge crews try to sort out hostiles from civilians.

Veteran: The TF has become better at blending in with civilian traffic, and is not considered a target until it opens fire, and is not announced at the start of the battle. All attacks targeting the TF do minus two damage unless the attacking side sacrifices a starfighter action to verify targets.

Elite: The TF adds one to its overall damage, and destroyed corvettes from this task force do one damage to their attackers as their fanatical crews make a last desperate act of defiance by bullrushing the enemy. 

Legendary Task Forces:


Krath War Menagerie (Cruiser supported by two colossal Sithspawn, considered to be roughly cruiser sized themselves): Monsters in the Darkness

Note: Sithspawn are considered to have the equivalent of ten hull health, and deal three damage to shields or five hull damage if the hull is exposed.

Green: A conspiracy of Sith sorcerers guide their unnatural creations to acts of destruction and butchery in the void. Each Sithspawn can attack a separate target. 

Veteran: The sorcerers have perfected a new form of Sithspawn and can’t wait to share the results (Choose from the Sithspawn Mutations list below).

Elite: The TF gets a third Sithspawn.


Sithspawn Mutations

Storm Beasts: The task force is always considered to be benefitting from the starfighter interception action, and hull damage by the Sithspawn disables the targeted ship for the next round.


Devouring Leviathan: Instead of multiple Sithspawn, the TF has one Sithspawn that does double damage and has double health (Triple in both cases when the TF reaches Elite). If the Sithspawn is part of an attack that destroys a cruiser or capital ship, it can spend a round eating to restore its health to half or full, depending on the size of the ship. Damage to it is halved during this round. (It is possible but difficult to kill while feeding, health is restored once the round that it fed is completed.)


Whisperers: Whisperers can mentally subjugate enemy crew into briefly serving their will. If whisperers destroy an enemy cruiser or capital ship, it persists under the control of the Sith for one turn per Whisperer still alive in the TF, with the Sith able to use its abilities if appropriate or attach it as an escort if it is an escort ship. Each round the Whisperers can redirect one source of damage targeting them originating from a task force that they have damaged to an enemy task force.


Shieldeater Wyrms: Shieldeaters steal any shields that they damage, gaining a number of shield health points equal to the amount of shield damage they caused in their attacks. Any time that they attack, Shieldeaters can deal additional damage equal to their shield health, although this expends the shield health.


Dreadmaws: Terror incarnate, Dreadmaws infect the ships that they attack with crippling fear. Task forces damaged by Dreadmaws suffer the delayed action effect for as long as the Dreadmaws are alive and present on the field. Each time a Dreadmaw would damage a ship, the TF leader can instead opt to do nothing next round in exchange for taking no damage. (No abilities can be used and if the targeted TF is escorting another TF it is considered separated for the next round).


Annihilator Swarm: Instead of two (or three) massive beasts, the annihilator swarm is composed of corvette sized wasps, with each colossal Sithspawn converting into six of these darling little homemakers. The TF gains the escort ability, and whenever an enemy ship of cruiser size or greater is destroyed, as long as there is at least one wasp alive and present, the wreckage becomes a nest the following round, producing one wasp each round. Nests can be destroyed by targeting them with any amount of damage. Detected non artillery ships that attack the swarm or the task force that they are escorting take one damage for every six wasps in the swarm, with partials rounding up (Since all damage is happening concurrently, remember that it’s the number of wasps at the beginning of the round, not the number of wasps after damage is done, unless the attacker has something giving them an early attack). 


Jedi Conclave of Vigils (Capital ship): Battle Meditation

Green: A council of Jedi mystics sit arrayed in peace with themselves and the galaxy. Each round the TF leader can pick another TF to make a second action. 

Veteran: Through shared meditative focus, the Jedi manifest the will of the Force that they serve, choosing from a number of effects (See Light Side Manifestations below).

Elite: The TF can both give an allied TF an extra action and manifest the Light Side in the same turn.


Light Side Manifestations

Reveal: The Jedi bring light to the darkness, effectively scanning all allied task forces for a stealth frequency this round.

Barrier: The Jedi create a shield of light around a target, causing it to take half damage from all sources for that round.

Hope: The Jedi bolster morale in a task force, allowing it to resolve its action for the round early. If the targeted task force is already under a delayed action effect, the two cancel each other out.

Foresight: An allied task force can declare its action after actions are revealed, it resolves at normal speed. 


Jedi Starfighter Aces (Capital or cruiser supported by frigates and corvettes): May the Force be with us

Green: The task force controller can perform two starfighter actions each round.

Veteran: When this TF is performing Bombers Inbound with its starfighter actions, attack speed cannot be delayed by forward interception.

Elite: Corvettes do not make Bombers Inbound actions from this TF go to shields instead of hull.


Rebel Scrappers and the Patchwork Raven Escort (You could technically call it a Capital Ship, if you’re feeling generous and have very low standards): Oooh, piece of shiny! (Note: This ability cannot steal effects tied to Force powers, Hero TFs, or ships being a different size, such as abilities for corvettes focused on maneuverability.)

Green: The scrappers of the Patchwork Raven are enthusiastic, to put it lightly, about “borrowing” salvaged tech. The TF can spend a round salvaging a destroyed task force’s wreckage, adding ten hull health and gaining the TF’s ability at green rank.

Veteran: As above, but the ability stolen can be at veteran rank if the destroyed task force was at veteran or elite.

Elite: As above, but the ability stolen can be used at up to elite rank, depending on the level of the salvaged task force, and abilities salvaged in the last turn resolve at early speed because of the crew’s excitement to play with new toys.


Imperial AVATAR Command Module (Capital ship or cruiser with frigate and corvette support): Predictive Algorithms

This Task Force doesn’t have levels of experience, instead it builds a series of statistical models as it observes the battle and develops strategic dominance. Each round that the TF is present, its simulation bank increases by one, and it can use the simulations to activate abilities from the following list. There is no cap to how many abilities it can activate in a turn as long as it has the points. Unspent points are lost. Each round the points are regained up to the new cap. The simulation bank does not reset between battles, only reverting to the starting value if the ship is destroyed or the campaign ends.

Feint(1): An allied TF may choose a different ability target after actions are announced.

Parry(2): An allied escort task force may choose to escort a different task force after actions are announced.

Thrust(3): An allied TF may perform an attack ability at delayed speed but causing an additional three points of damage.

Query(X): The TF can spend X number of points to scan that many frequencies on itself or an allied task force to look for stealth vessels.

Efficiency(4): One combined attack this turn suffers no penalties.

Clarity(8): The enemy forces reveal their actions first, rather than concurrently. All actions still resolve at normal speed.  


Amkhara the Destroyer (Capital ship): Symbiosis

Green: The star destroyer bristles with weapons wreathed in coruscating flames of Dark Side energy. It can perform a focus fire attack like any other destroyer group. If unescorted, the TF takes half damage on any round that it is firing at an enemy.

Veteran: The TF can use one of the veteran benefits from the turbolaser, railgun, or missile destroyer group task force. Furthermore, if the TF is attacking alone and not as part of a combined attack, it deals an additional two damage.

Elite: The TF can use one the elite benefits from the turbolaser, railgun, or missile destroyer group task force. Additionally, if the TF is destroyed, if there is another allied capital ship destroyer group in the battle, it becomes Amkhara the Destroyer while keeping the new host’s original rank and current health. Control of Amkhara shifts to the owner of the possessed task force. If more than one option is available to possess, the controller may choose which task force becomes Amkhara. This may only occur once per battle.

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