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A551 Battle Rifle

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(NOTE: Reference Picture, AND all credit to Pwn_Jones) 


     The A Series Assault Rifles have been a major money maker for BlasTech sense the days of the more Mid-Outer Rim focused A280, with rifles like the A470 keeping the product and profit line alive and well. That said, there was always room for more profit, and more products. So the A551 was born, taking the known ruggedness and reliability of the A series into a new direction. The A551 is a Battle Rifle, focused more on high power and precision than on being just a Powerful Assault Rifle like previous products were. The Typical Full Auto Option of the earlier A Series Rifles is stripped out, with the bolts being more powerfull to allow them to do more damage with less shots. The remaining fire modes are 3 Round Burst and Single Shot, allowing the rifle to live up it it's precision focus. Unlike most rifles, this one comes natively with a Precision Scope, though one that can be replaced with something else as needs require. This rifle is primarily focused on Marksmen and Bounty Hunters that like their targets to stay at a distance, and pick up 'cold' bounties. This Rifle, like most of the A-series, can be found in many armories around the galaxy, with a few even making it into the armories of the big two. 


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