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A470 Assault Rifle

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   The Constant back and forth warfare of the Galaxy has lead to a veritable gold mine for various Weapons Manufacturers, BlasTech is no exception, banking heavily on the A series Blaster Rifles over the long period of general conflict and chaos. The A470 is actually a somewhat older rifle, though BlasTech has yet to take it off the market, or stop manufacturing. The key of this is that the 470 still has a comparative damage output to other Assault Blasters, while also being reliable. The 470 in fact, still has good armor penetration against modern targets, making it popular among colonial and rim defense organizations, as well as mercenaries of all kinds. The A470's stock can be collapsed for easy carrying or for Close Engagements. The rifle comes standard with a fire selector that changes between; Single Shot, 3 Round Burst, and Full Auto. The A470 isn't commonly restricted to either of the two major militaries of the galaxy, but can often be found in large numbers in the Arsenal of the Rebel Alliance due to it's large presence in the Galactic Market. 

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