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BTH-Y4 Heavy Y-Wing.

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(Credit to EC Henry)


     With the fall of the Galactic Alliance to the Sith Empire, alot of things changed when it came to what the Alliance needed in a Y-Wing. Koensayr Alliance Loyalists tried to take thier age old Y-Wing concept to a new direction to feed this new Military Machine. This new 'Heavy Y-Wing' is also much like the T-70 develouped by fellow Alliance Loyalists from Incom in that it's designed to be rugged and easily maintained, even in rough conditions. This new Y-Wing largely drops the Fighter-Bomber role, with it being expanded in size, even with a highly modular cabin incorperated into the craft. This Heavy Y-Wing is designed with several rolls in mind: Shuttle, Heavy Bomber, Recon Ship, Search/Rescue, Scout Bomber. The ship's modular ordinance pod and cabin allow the ship to be quickly reconfigured for any role it needs to take, even if it needs to be a new one. The ship is primarily armed with a pair of Heavy Laser Cannons on the front, a pair of twin linked laster cannons on the top turret, and a single laser cannon on the belly turret. The Ordinance Pod is designed to carry basicly anything that could be put on it and deployed. 


Modular Ordinance Pod Options:

Photon Torpedo/Bomb Launcher(standard): 15 Torpedoes or 23 Bombs

Ion Torpedo/Bomb Launcher: 15 Torpedoes or 23 Bombs

Cluster Missile Launcher; 15 Missiles

Photon Mine Layer: 15 Mines

Shadow Bomb Launcher: 15 Shadow Bombs.

Heavy Recon Sensor Package

Heavy Ion Cannon

Heavy Laser Cannon

Long Rang Comm Equipment. 

Cargo Pod. 

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