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NSS-35 Frigate

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Originally designed in the Mon Calamari Shipyards Future Development Programme, the Novashark Frigate is the last design to be rescued before the Sith takeover.  A highly agile frigate designed for broadside salvos on the flanks of the enemy fleet. A highly versatile power system allows the bridge crew to direct resources to ship zones as needed. This allows the NSW-35 to supercharge its broadside batteries on attack runs and reinforce shields as needed. The battery ridges on each side of the ship conceal the recessed bridge, protecting it from return fire. Missile launchers on the top of the battery ridges dead launch missiles up above the ship but oriented at their target, at which point the missile thrusters spear them forward.


The Novashark has one main engine cluster arraigned in a circular ridge with two secondary clusters, with all engines sporting adjustable thrust nozzles for fine tuned maneuvering. The hull of a Novashark is short and wide, to offer minimal target silhouette, and less armored than an imperial vessel of equal size, instead relying on speed, shields, and the ability to pick its engagements. Early in the battle the NSW-35 will target shield stress points to create openings for bombers and heavy assault fighters to target key systems. Later on, it will try to pick off vulnerable ships on the flanks of the enemy fleet.


Since the Novashark functions as a destroyer, the majority of its firepower comes from turbolasers and missile launchers, sporting only minimal point defense and relying on interceptors to screen it from enemy fast movers. In order to help it kill off wounded capital ships, the NSW-35 sports a single fixed position thermite rail cannon that can burn hot enough to ignite durasteel. These rounds are limited and useless against shielded targets, but a well timed hit on a wounded ship can gut it.




Manufacturer: Nar Shaddaa Spaceworks

Class: Frigate

Length: 200 meters

Width: 55 meters 

Height/depth: 55 meters

Armament: 20 Taim & Bak XI7 turbolaser turrets, 4 Heavy Torpedo Tubes

Crew: 600





Pretender to the Galactic Throne

Leader of the Rebel Alliance

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