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T-70 X-Wing

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    The XJ Series X-Wings and the E-Wings doubtlessly performed thier jobs, and did them well. They would not have survived as long as they did in Galactic Alliance and later the Rebel Alliance if they didn't. The problem lies in the fact that both of these classes of fighters were designed with higher technology and full hangars in mind, making maintenance a possible problem for Alliance Cells that are stuck in a cave somewhere and have to make due. Incom Employees loyal to the former Galactic Alliance solved this problem with the T-70 series X-Wing. The T-70 is built to capture the performance of a modern starfighter, but 'bottle it' into a frame that can be constructed with minimum fuss, and maintained in a cave with whatever supplies a Rebel Cell may have on hand. By all accounts, the T-70 is modern, if rugged and easily maintained, take on the X-Wing concept and design that served in the Arsenal for decades. The typical Photon Torpedo system is expanded to be a more modular 'Secondary Weapon Pod' system, this is supported by a modular hardpoint on the underside of the Main Fuselage, allowing for far more variance in mission profile(Possibilities and ammo for both below). The design also incorporates an Anti-Infantry Blaster to defend the ship in case of hot landing or take off, deployable from the undercarriage.



Secondary Weapon Pod Options: 

Proton Torpedo Launcher(Standard)/ 6 Torpedoes. 

Ion Torpedo Launcher/ 6 Torpedoes

Cluster Missile Launcher/ 6 Missiles

Ion Cannon/ N/A

Heavy Laser Cannon/ N/A


Modular Hardpoint Options:


Recon Sensor Package

Ion Cannon

Laser Cannon

Mine Layer(15 Photon Mines)

Long Range Comm Equipment

Proton Bomb Launcher(5 Photon Bombs)

Shadow Bomb Launcher(5 Shadow Bombs)


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