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Westar-R60 Multi-Role Rifle

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(All Credit to ravendeviant)


While Westar's main product has always been a variety of Blaster Pistols, the Company has ventured into other weapons before. The R60 is just one such weapon. The Rifle's main function/selling point is that it serves as several different weapons, depending on how you have the rifle Configured. This is done with two systems incorperated into the rifle: An advanced fire selector that switches between a more powerfull singular shot, a middling three round burst, or a Full Auto setting; and an Interchangeable Barrel system that lets the user switch between a long range Sniper Barrel assemby/front furnature and an Assault Rifle forward assembly designed to absorb more heat to account for full auto(as well as accept under barrel attachments). This allows the weapon to be: A Full Sniper Rifle, a Long Range Suppression Rifle, An Assault Rifle, and Marksman Rifle. The addition of the modular underside to the AR Assembly Barrel allows many underbarrel weapons to be attached, adding to the variety. The Rifle incorperates pop-down bipod as standard. 

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