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Westar-55 Heavy Blaster Pistol.

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    Over the decades, the Westar brand has served as a mile marker for high quality blasters in various classes that peform excellently, though catering to primarily Mandalorian and Higher End Mercenary Buyers. They're latest product, the Westar-55, harkens back to one of thier greatest Success': The Westar-34 Heavy Blaster Pistol. The 55 shares the 34's focus on High Powered Shots that are most effective in Short Range, as well as the sturdy Dallorian Construction that lets the pistols absorb much more heat than a regular Blaster Pistol. The big difference is the inclusion of modern technologies and construction techniques to modernize the concept and design. While the Dallorian Construction still raises the price, advances in parts and construction overall lead to the 55 being cheaper than it's older cousin, allowing it to fall into more hands, particularly smaller Mandalorian Clans that worry about their youngest finding their way in the Galaxy. 



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