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Alliera's Beskar'Gam(Iron Skin)

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IMG: https://www.deviantart.com/araxussyexyr/art/Commission-Mandalorian-Female-Armor-Concept-829801725

(All credit to AraxussYexyr)

       The Mandalorain Armor made for Alliera Tal'verda by her clan when it was decided she was old enough to find her own way in the galaxy. Despite the name, the armor is actually made from the much easier to aquire Durasteel, as the Tal'verda clan is fairly small and doesn't own any interests in Beskar Mines. The Bodysuit under the armor is made from Armorweave fiber, to allow maximum movement while allowing for some amount of protection for the joints and typically unarmored areas. The Semi-Incorperated cape is also Armorweave, to allow for a second layer of protection, and for enemies to be fooled by what would look like an obvious weakness. Alliera's vambraces incorporate: Scomplink(tied to Onboard Computer to allow Alliera to interact directly with systems), Grapple w/ Liquid Cable, Flamethrower(15 FT Range, 3 Min. Duration) , and a Gauntlet Blaster. The helmet incorperates the usual Thermal and Infared Vision Systems, as well as a 'Drop Down' Targeter that can help her hit targets at greater range. The Armor also incorporates a modular system of pockets and hard points for ammo, grenades, and holsters. 

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