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MoonCall Brigade (Rebel Alliance)

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2nd Heavy Infantry Brigade


Commander: Colonel Mythos Von-Howlster


NCO: Lieutenant Colonel Rai-Lin


1st Light Infantry Battalion 

Callsign: SaberCat

CO: Sergeant Major Lee-Roy Jibbs


2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion

Callsign: ThunderShmyr

CO: Major Hanz Vickensythe


3rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion

Callsign: ShadowBrand

CO: Major Van Helios


4th Mechanized Artillery Battlion

Callsign: Brimstone

CO: Sergeant Major Timothy Halo


5th Engineer Regiment 

Callsign: Basilisk

CO: Sergeant Major Christopher Korne




"We are the Light in the Dark, the Beacons that standfast against the Shores of Evil, our Shield that of Defense and Truth and our Fight is that of Honor and Strength. We are the Soldiers of the MoonCall Brigade."




The Alliance Class Star Destroyer, codenamed 'MoonCall', is a feit of engineering extraordinare. Granted to Colonel Mythos Von-Howlster after his promotion in order to test it's capabilities, it has become the beacon of hope and justice for the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Sith and their Empire. As such, Mythos named his command after the ship and considered it as their base of operations.


Standard Issue Gear


Armor - Modified Katarn Class Commando Armor, vaccum sealed armorweave, magnetic boots, rebreather, and personal shields.

Weapons - DH-17 Blaster Rifles, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistols, and Lightfoils

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