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Formerly Shimsinblimp, now just Blimp CHARACTER SHEET


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Real Name: Shimsinblimp

A.K.A: Shim and Blimp

Homeworld: Troig

Species: Troig


Physical Description:


Age: 29

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 240 lbs

Skin: green (Shim)-formerly before beheading and red (Blimp)

Eyes: golden

Sex: male




Clothing and Armor: customized Dropsuit complete with magnetized boots, thruster rockets, self-contained air supply, targetting array, sensor suite, and modifications for ShimsinBlimp’s unique figure


Bantha leather trousers, vest, and duel cross-chested bandoliers.


Suit mounted: retractable vibrosaws in each foot, Upper arm mounted laser cannons on 2 rearmost arms, shoulder mounted mini-concussion missile launchers with a total of 6 missiles.

Carried (when armored): 1 EMP launcher with 12 EMP grenades

Carried (when not armored): 4 slung DL-44 blaster pistols, 2 concealed disruptor pistols

Common Inventory:

Spice, several money purses with a variety of different currencies, datapad, holojacking cords, numerous jeweled rings, signet ring


Faction Information:


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User: NON FORCE USER

Alignment: neutral-Shim / lawful evil-Blimp

Current Faction Affiliation: Sith Empire

Current Faction Rank: Affiliate - criminal entrepreneur and fringer (Knight rank)




Force Side: N/A

Trained by: The Hutt Cartels 

Trained who: crew of The Lady Legionnaire 

Known Skills

Piracy with an emphasis on spice-jacking, ship - electronic/computer hacking, zero-g combat, spice refinement, underworld entrepreneurialism, illegal/underworld spice and illegal narcotic trade knowledge 



Shim and Blimp are the two halves of the Troig Shimsinblimp. They grew up in a rough rundown neighborhood of Nar Shaddaa. Quickly they fell in working for the Hutts. Their quick wit and reflexes, combined with their observational skills and lack of empathy for those who got in their way saw them quickly advance up the ranks to a point where they were tasked with acquiring and transporting spice for their leaders. Finding the smuggling life boring at best, the duo found a shortcut; they would prey on the shipping on non-Hutt smugglers. In this, Shimsinblimp proved their ingenuity and a criminal edge that would serve them for years to come. There were rules and there were better ways to do things. Spice running turned to spice jacking, which lead to the refinement of raw spice to cut even more costs. Eventually the Troig brothers became some of the most respected, reviled, feared, and trusted faces in the underworld drug trade. Shimsinblimp became synonymous with quality for end product users and with cuthroat business practices for anyone else. With the fall of Nar Shaddaa to the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, Shim and Blimp were cast adrift. Their fleet of ships, refinement facilities, and business fronts overrode by the forces of good.

Set adrift in the cosmos, the brothers returned to what they knew, pirating the junior varsity of the drug world and connecting their closest underworld connections with hard to find resources and people. 

Where Blimp is much more willing to use violence to achieve their end goals and is the force of the team ensuring that the name Shimsinblimp is feared, Shim is the smooth talker that keeps the books and maintains the duo’s numerous relationships across the galactic underworld.


Shimsinblimp fell in with Nok Morliss on Mon Cal and through some shady dealing agreed to oversee the growth of the spice and drug trade on the planet so as to witlessly enslave the local populace and assist in transforming the once jeweled rebel world into a den of iniquity and a hive of scum and villainy.  A portion of this deal included ensuring a constant supply of spice for the world. An attempted takeover of the Spice Mines of Kessel by Sith and criminally aligned forces was repelled by forces of the growing rebellion. While Nok Morliss fell the Black Sun leader R3m0, abd Shimsinblimp took out a squadron of Mandalorian troopers, the Troig was bested by the Mandalore Terra; who, in retribution for the killing of her comrades, beheaded Shim and left his lifeless head atop the Troig’s chest. 


Ship Registration:


Name: The Lady Legionnaire

Class: Defense/Patrol Blastboat

Model: Gat-12h

Manufacturer: Sienar

Length: 25 meters

Armaments: 3 medium ion cannons, 2 Tru-Lok laser cannons mounted in a turret, 1 starboard side mounted proton torpedo launcher, 1 port side mounted concussion missile launcher

Armor: heavy plating, shield array

Anti-personnel defenses: standard plus unauthorized access self-initiated self destruct mechanism

Modifications: conversion of passenger compartment into a store hold

Appearance: gunmetal gray Skipray Blastboat

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