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The Jedi Order

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Look beyond the words of the face words of the Code. Knowledge based on emotion is nothing more than superstition. Action based on ignorance leads to disaster. Justice based on passion is just vengeance in a uniform. A society that thrives on chaos inevitably crumbles. We have to accept that the most important missions of our lives will outlast our own existence. Civilization isn’t a natural state of being--it needs to be built, actively sustained, and defended by sapients who have accepted that their own lives are less important than what they protect.

-- Armiena Draygo, Master of the Order




It's been a long road. Welcome to the Jedi Order.







Not very long ago, in a galaxy very dear to us all, the Galactic Alliance was at peace. Of course, there were the little conflicts and skirmishes that inevitably flare up in solar-state of hundreds of trillions of sapient beings--raids by pirate gangs looking for plunder or worse, criminal gangs making an easy credit on corruption or short sightedness, the occasional breakout by a group of Sith Lords wanting to practice their depraved whims on the galaxy. Perhaps peace was a relative term, but even the most embittered Republic and Imperial diehards agreed that nothing was worth shattering the stability of the Galactic Alliance for a return to the war that they had been fighting only a few short years ago. With CoreSec, the Jedi Order, and the Alliance fleet working in concert to keep the peace, it seemed as though the galaxy had finally settled down for a period of much sought after quiet and stability after decades of horrific war.


All of these expectations failed to take into account the predations of an organization that thrives on conflict and exploitation. The Sith came roaring back from the Rim. One hesitates to name the losses we suffered during the years of ceaseless combat that followed. Even as the Galactic Alliance cracked under the onslaught, the Jedi Order never broke. We were on the front lines from day one--spearheading every counterattack and pulling the leaders of the broken governments out of the fire to rejoin them into a new Rebel Alliance.


The Rebel Alliance succeeded at blunting the encroachment of the Sith Empire at Corellia, but the war continues. While batteries of turbolasers and fusillades of proton torpedoes have their place in liberating the galaxy from the predations of the Sith Empire, sometimes a pair of daring Jedi Knights, some choice words, and a well-placed lightsaber can turn a front as effectively as a fleet of warships. Such will be the role of the Jedi Order in the battles to come--while the Alliance controls the cruisers, the training of a Jedi prepares them to serve anywhere, whether it be in the cockpit of a starfighter, a cushioned seat in a negotiation table, a sterile bench of a medical bay, or leading a boarding action on the fortified deckplates of an enemy warship. Wherever the war takes us, we will see the Republic restored and the volition of justice-loving people freed from the tyranny of the Sith.




“There are times when the end justifies the means. But when you build an argument based on a whole series of such times, you may find that you've constructed an entire philosophy of evil.”
--Luke Skywalker, Jedi Grandmaster


Nobody is born a Jedi. The raw potential might be there, the call to service might inspire them to do great things for their communities, but every Jedi arises from a flawed person. Despite common knowledge, our training doesn’t erase the personality of those that come to the Jedi Order. The training and discipline does, however, have a way of hammering out the flaws and idiosyncrasies of a thinking, breathing, misbehaving individual and transforming them into someone truly extraordinary. Those flaws--anger, impatience, timidity, mischief--can be harnessed into something more constructive--passion, wisdom, cleverness, or temperance--but the training merely supplies an individual with the tools and the wisdom to act for the benefit of the galaxy. Ultimately, the Jedi Order is comprised of imperfect but extraordinary individuals who have dedicated their lives to the service of civilization and the defense of just governments. The times and languages and species of those people will change, but the mission of the Jedi remains the same as it was thousands of years ago.



Emotion, yet peace.

Ignorance, yet knowledge.

Passion, yet serenity.

Chaos, yet harmony.

Death, yet The Force.


So are the words of the Jedi Code, or one of the many attempts to clarify it. At the heart of the Jedi Code is an emphasis on discipline and altruism, of setting aside the needs of the individual to perceive the sensations of those around them. Ironically, the intuition that attunement to The Force provides is not exactly intuitive, as most societies place an emphasis on individualism and analysis--an antithesis that the vast majority of Jedi are forced to unlearn in their training. This intense training to perceive the surface impressions of those around them makes Jedi supremely competent fighters and civil servants. In battle, where virtually all sapient beings are experiencing a significant emotional event, only the most thoroughly trained soldiers are capable of hiding their intentions to a Jedi and broadcasting themselves as a threat. At the negotiating table, when all parties are intensely focused on achieving the most advantageous possible outcome for their people to the detriment of those on the other side, an unbiased mediator dedicated to the service of all sapient life can be the eye of the storm when chaos reigns around them.


Ultimately, the mission of the Jedi Order is to protect all sapient life, all civilizations, and all just governments; for only a just government can create civilization. Our service is not solely to the heirs of the Galactic Republic or the smaller democracies of the galaxy, but to any just government. Someday, even the Sith may require our protection. The service that is at the heart of the life of a Jedi has ironically placed us among the leaders of the free galaxy. During times of crisis and uncertainty, during war, during plague, people call for the assistance of the Jedi Order. This has necessitated something of a nomadic state of existence to the life of a Jedi. No one will deny that it’s not an easy life, but I would defy any sapient being to name one that is better.







Master of the Order (Faction Leader)

ObliviousKnight (Armiena Draygo click for character sheet)


Jedi Council

Sandy Sarna (Click for character sheet)

Wookiee Jedi (Kirlocca – click for character sheet)

Leena Kil (Click for character sheet)

Kyrie Eleison (Click for character sheet)


If you’d like to join, feel free to post here. Alternatively, 


Here is our Guide to the Jedi Order: Click Here [in progress]

Here is a link to our Discord Channel: Click Here [in progress]


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