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How to Use the Databank Forums

Ary the Grey

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Do you have an idea that you wanted to add to RP canon? Good news, you can do that! The Databank is designed to be a searchable archive forum so players can add new content and even use ideas from approved old content. The top two subforums are reserved for active/approved character sheets and archived character sheets respectively. If you want to make a new character, follow the instructions in the Character Templates and Tutorial topic stickied in this same forum.


For any and all content submitted for inclusion to the RP, to include new characters, they must first be posted in this forum first for Moderator review and approval. For content that isn't a character sheet, please be explicit in describing your idea in detail, as this will reduce the amount of time needed to approve something, as the Mods are unlikely to approve a vague idea. This approval could take a bit of time, or it could proceed relatively quickly, each approval is largely situational and does not reflect on other approvals. Expect to hear back from a Mod should you need to revise a submission, but when you first post it you can accelerate the approval process a bit by tagging @RP Moderators in the #mod-approvals-and-rulings channel on our Discord server (Or PM a Mod, but the Discord method usually is a bit faster).

It is also preferred but not required that you add searchable tags to the topic title, for example if your submission will end up going in the Locations and Worlds forum, it helps to add [Location] or [World] to the end of the title so you can search by the tag category within the forum. We may attempt to implement a tags system to make this easier in the future, but finding a relevant site plugin can be tricky and take time or money.


Immediately reachable by  charlesjhall@gmail.com


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