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RP Primer

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Peace in the Galaxy! 

With the fall of the Sith Empire, and new found freedom of the Core Worlds from under Sith tyranny, the eyes of the galaxy turn to the new order. The Galactic Alliance has been formed in the void of power, uniting the old factions of the rebel alliance and the Imperial Remnant. Though peace has been achieved through bitter bloodshed, only time will tell if it will last...




The Roleplaying Universe is set technologically parallel to the  Legends Expanded Universe (EU), currently about 150 years after the events of the Original Trilogy. It takes place in an alternate timeline in which Disney Star Wars largely did not take place



Most Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) produced from the New Hope until the Disney acquisition of Star Wars in 2012 



Anything produced by Disney is generally considered non canonical except for the following:

Rogue One and The Mandalorian,

That means that Episodes 7-9, Rebels, New Clone Wars, The Resistance, and the Novels published after 2012 are considered non-canonical in the RP universe. 



Any Star Wars Videogames. While many contain good stories and good 'force powers' these often do not translate well to a PVP/Story driven Roleplaying experience. Everything done in a videogame should be taken with a grain of salt, and if you wish to reference or use a power from said videogame contact a mod on Discord. 




The Factions


The Dark Side

The Sith Remnant – Ruled by Darth Calypso, they use the Force in anger and hatred, the Sith are the traditional enemies of the Jedi Order and seek power and domination over others. They are currently attempting to take over the galaxy, and have begun their push to re-establish themselves on the fringes of the galactic disk. 


The Light Side

The Galactic Alliance – Formed out of the old Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Remnant following the defeat of the Sith Empire. Led by the Supreme commander and his governing council.

The Jedi Order - Using the Force for calm, peace, and understanding, the Jedi are servants of the Galaxy fighting for the people outside of the galactic government.

The Imperial Knights - Sworn users of the lightside, attached to the current goverment and its governing council as protectors of the people. 

Neutral Factions

The Black Sun – The ancient and infamous organized criminal syndicate, with significant influence in galactic affairs and Outer Rim dealings.

Uncontrollable Factions

This is not to say you cannot play someone from these worlds or cultures. You just may not control these subfactions at this time. If you wish to contest this or if you have a plan that you think may work, talk to the mod team

The Mandalorians – An ancient warrior culture that has spawned numerous imitators. After the last crusade (see fall of Coruscant) they have closed their borders to all but those that are Mandalorian.

The Hapes Consortium – A secluded and powerful matriarchal empire. Hidden behind their Transitory Mists, they watch the fall of empires with anticipation. 

The Chiss Ascendancy – A secretive empire hidden beyond the explored galaxy. Not much is known of the Chiss other than they keep to themselves and do not interfere with galactic politics. 




Generally Known History:
Several years ago the Sith re-emerged from their base on Korriban, taking advantage of the calm and unprepared Galactic Alliance. With a lightning campaign, assisted by several well known terrorists, they achieved complete domination over the inner galaxy. Establishing the new Sith Empire and relegating their few remaining enemies to the outer rim. There they have formed a new rebellion and have begun to strike back at the Empire. 






Recently mostly destroyed by the collision of one of its moons with the planet surface by a Sith Terrorist. The City is being massively rebuilt in the ruins by a join operation of Sith interests and contractors. Life is slowly returning to the world.  


Mandalore and the Mandalore system

Mandalorians are not pacifists, their planet is not destroyed and they do not live in bubble cities. They are a militaristic, spartanist society, that remain isolated from the galaxy through force. 



Is a swamp-like world with high cliffs and mountain ranges. Recently suffered devastating fires set by the use of turbolasers to the low lying forests. The Jedi Order has healed the world, and the scattered population of nightsisters remain. (They are not the red cloaked nightsisters of the clone wars or rebels TV show) 



Is not destroyed, and remains a training world for the new Galactic Alliance.


Nar Shaddaa/Nal Hutta

Taken by the Imperial Remnant/Rebel Alliance and set up as a commerce/shipyard and housing for refugees. Destroyed in the final battle and left a burned, ruined, and radioactive hulk. 


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