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Nok vs. Aidan (Judge TBD)

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((Setup post. 5 posts total, location is Mechis III (ultra dense urban jungle populated by automation and droids with hardly any biologicals), both PCs are Padawan/Apprentice level, and Aidan DOES have his staff saber on his sheet.))

Something was wrong.


Aidan had gotten these coordinates directly from his contact, but instead of a warehouse, he was in the middle of a droid assembly line. Or rather, the vaguely shaped torso chassis of what might have been a protocol droid line. It was hard to tell at this stage of assembly. He quickly checked his map on his holocomm, but even that confirmed he was in the right spot, though the nearest warehouse was 2 blocs over. The informant had either relayed bad information or something else entirely was up. 

The Imperial Knight in training unclipped his saber hilt from his belt, keeping it firmly in his hand as he walked between the assembly rows, looking for any trace of the person he was supposed to meet here. His senses were focused on his immediate surroundings, trying to find something that might not even be there. Mechis III was known to have tinges of dark side nexuses here and there, but in the back of his mind he wondered if something else was clouding his senses...


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Nok stood behind what he guessed was an industrial press for stamping out droid chestplates, a suspended conveyor line entering one side of the mammoth machine bearing sheets of metal and exiting the other side carrying rough approximations of flattened torsos. The whole thing creaked, but otherwise gave no signs of stirring. Nothing in this factory did.


A soft shuffle made Nok hold his breath. It had been faint, and he couldn't tell exactly where it had come from. Blind, the neimoidian relied on his sight within the Force to "see", but he needed the darker emotions like anger and fear to act as beacons to illuminate his surroundings. Right now his own low fear, a tension in his gut, softly stirred and swirled around him, but it wasn't enough to see whoever was here.


No fear...Definitely a Jedi. Nok measured his breathing and continued to wait. It seemed his contact had come through. A single Jedi, an apprentice, alone in a factory on Mechis III and far away from any allies.




Nok needed to move up the ranks. He needed notoriety. He needed clout. He needed a reputation if Mon Cal was going to go his way.


And what better way than killing a Jedi? True, a half-trained Jedi in an ambush, but a trophy lightsaber was still a trophy.


Nok wasn't dressed in his usual robes, but in combat leathers. He slowly, painstakingly drew one of his vibroknives, and leaving it off he drew it across one of his fingertips. He winced at the pain, but grinned as that same pain rippled out in the Dark Side, illuminating the next few rows of the factory for him. And...yes...a faint impression of a man moving between the machines.


There you are...Now, let's see if we can't scare you a little...

Squeezing his finger to intensify the pain while crouching behind his machine to make sure he stayed out of sight, Nok saw the impression of another suspended production line a few feet away from the Jedi, this one bearing dozens of identical, humanoid left legs.


Nok reached out with the Force, the intricacies of the energy filling the factory like the keys of an instrument. Just press here and...


Three of the droid legs wrenched themselves off of their hooks and half spun, half tumbled towards the Jedi at Nok's gesture. Not enough to kill, but enough to bruise.



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The hairs on the back of Aidan's neck prickled as he felt the legs coming for him before they happened. He spun to face them, managing to duck the first, but the second caught him in his side and the third decked him to the floorplates.



His instincts screamed at him, in the back of his mind he knew if he didn't rise and ready himself he was a sitting duck for whatever his unseen foe had next for him. Aidan calmed himself, dipping into the Force as he redirected its flow to help him shove the droid leg off of himself while kick flipping to his feet. He had been looking for a friendly informant, not someone skilled in the Force. Not what was likely a Sith. Now he felt the pain, the delight in the hunt of the other who stalked him, but Aidan had fangs of his own. 

He surged forward to where he felt the greatest concentration of emotions, igniting and slashing out through one of the production lines with one silver blade of his lightsaber in a two handed grip, simultaneously summoning a small telekinetic blast behind where he guessed his opponent was in the hopes of driving him forward. For now, Aidan left the other blade of the staff saber extinguished, opting instead for a more traditionally defensive style. It wasn't his strong suit, but until he knew exactly where his attacker was, it would likely serve him better.



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Yes! Got you! Nok grinned as the ripple of pain blossomed from the Jedi, emanating out and illuminating him...briefly.

Nok's smile turned to a grimace as the Jedi asserted his control, already fading back into obscurity.

Trained then. But he won't know where-

Nok stumbled back out of surprise as his faint sensation of the Jedi showed the figure moving towards him. Quickly. The sound of an ignited lightsaber echoed through the factory. Nok perceived...something in the air. Not the Dark Side...

The split second he had to question the sensation was followed by the answer as telekinetic power, broad and imprecise but still forceful, caught his back and sent him reeling forward again.



Nok clanged into the side of the industrial press that gave him cover against the rapidly approaching Jedi. His head throbbed and his knees buckled as he fought to regain his focus. He realized that he had never needed to sense manifestations of the Light Side before. Absent the emotions Nok relied on, he wouldn't see them coming.


Is it any different for you?

Nok regained control, and the approaching Jedi was the perfect motivator for Nok's rising fear. He sank deep within himself, touched the Force, and unraveled. The Force swirled around him, stirred into a vortex by Nok's intensifying emotions. He gave himself over to the fear and let the cold clarity of the needling sensation take control. He raised his hand, and one of the vibroknives strapped to his wrist detached, hovering before him. A flick of his fingers, and it darted up above the press and spun menacingly down towards the rapidly approaching Jedi. Nok would have one shot before his enemy closed. The knife wasn't the attack though. Nok barely kept enough focus on it to keep it in the air and moving. As it approached, his other hand shot out, still hidden by the press, and he sent a blast of telekinetic force at the Jedi to match the one that had struck him.

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Danger. DANGER!

Instinct screamed in the back of his head as he felt more than saw the vibroknife hurtling towards him. Reaction, though, wasn't quite muscle memory yet, and as Aidan attempted to twist away it still grazed his left shoulder armor enough to carve a neat gash through it, ruining the straps beneath. He didn't even have time to realize this before being caught off guard by a strong telekinetic shockwave erupting in front of him, his little maneuver leaving him unable to avoid catching it fully in the chest. He was knocked off his feet, the blast wave carrying him several meters backwards and onto one of the nearby production lines. 

Aidan wrenched his body to the side, avoiding an automated welding arm as he tumbled off the other side, falling to a lower area between the assembly lines. At this point, his Imperial Knight's plasteel armor had taken a serious beating, not meant for combat like this. Aidan quickly undid the buckles holding the shoulder and bicep armor in place, tossing them aside into a nearby bin of spare maintenance parts. He wasn't willing to allow it to slow him down if it flopped about and interfered with his movement. Unfortunately, he'd lost sight of the Sith again, which didn't bode well. Still, two could play that game, and Aidan summoned the Force to himself before leaping with superhuman strength into the upper catwalks, trying to be quiet as he did so. He also suppressed his presence as best he could, which admittedly he'd only really done once before in practice with Kyrie, and began roving slowly around the catwalks of the large factory, hunting from above.

This time it would be the Sith who was caught off guard...


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The sound of plasteel body armor striking metal caught Nok's attention through the din of tumbling droid parts. It had come from...below. The Jedi must have fallen.

Nok struggled to pin-point his fallen foe, his pain and fear slowly dissipating from fresh clarity to a muffled echo. He stalked as silently as he could, remembering his lessons from Mistress Rill. The old noghri had been vicious and had left him with more bruises and cracked knuckles then lessons, but she'd managed to instill the basics of stealth in the affluent neimoidian.


It took several long, agonizingly slow moments, but Nok finally positioned himself above where the Jedi must have fallen. His fear and pain, still fading but not gone yet, rippled out from him. He focused beneath him, bringing the faded shapes into sharper clarity by will and desire.


There. There was the armor. But...then where was...?



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