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- Aryian Darkfire, Last of the Grey.

"Your destiny is to end me, and through me receive a glimpse of your own future. Prophecy. Or else your precious Empire will crumble." 



As power radiated outwards from the Grey Master’s charred form, a blinding light rippled forth, blinding anyone who was not supposed to see. The four present, the Spider, the Grey, the Witness, and the Scorpion, all were connected for the briefest of moments, all could see. It was the smallest glimpse of infinity, but even a little of infinity was vast. Their eyes opened wide, far wider than they had ever seen before. For the Dark Lord, the perspective would have brought an interesting array of emotion, from anger and fear at suddenly being so small in the grand machine of all, to horror and glee at the vast ocean of darkness that was a necessary part of is, to disgust and hatred at the light that permeated the darkness in chaotic harmony, an eternal dance that would end only at the end, and not a second before.


For that brief moment, they saw infinity, and infinity saw them.


A voice echoed from Aryian, low but booming, both his and not his,

speaking from a perspective far higher than he had ever attained, and would never achieve again.


“Hear me, Dark One. Your fate is thus:
The Darkness comes to war with all,
And fearsome is the Lord’s approach.
Though ground doth quake and armies fall,
Shelter it brings beyond reproach.

“When silenced stars escape the sky,
And tainted blood in river’s run,
Instead of lost and left to die,
Prepared to fight, all rise as one.
“Your destiny is cast, your path set. Turn now, and invite ruin. Thus I have spoken, thus it will be.”


And in an instant, energy surged through the connection, the gift Exodus hoped to extract given willingly, and in far greater power than he had expected. But Aryian was gone, his form crumbling to cindered ashes as the toll from his final act took its due.
The Grey Master was no more.



 jin' snamsi, dark weaver



Even with all of the intensive study that has gone into understanding force alteration (illusion), its secrets remain a mystery to even the most experienced of practitioners. Considered one of the most difficult schools of the force, it is with uncertainty where masters of illusion draw their complete power or where its potential ends - it is extremely draining and there are few that can utilize their powers regularly. It is a sort of mental magic, allowing the user to manipulate the immediate area around them with their mind through mental force, and creating from imagination, a world that is theirs to control. With further experience, one can project or force thoughts or memories on others. By this, Illusion is one of the most prominent schools in the alteration class, often undermined by the willpower of another. It is a variant to the force-natural school of alteration in that it seeks to change the world around the practitioner so that existent physical truths no longer hold, but while the force user generally hopes to alter that which is bound by the laws of nature, illusion techniques do not. Its difference comes from the fact that while alteration affects the entire world in proximity, force Illusion affects only the caster and the target(s). Illusion spells can change a target's visibility, produce or remove light, produce or remove noise, mentally seduce sentient/non-sentient creatures, induce hatred in it or calm it down, enhance or remove a creature's courage, prevent a creature from seeing or moving, or allow the target to see even in total darkness, and much more. The is surmised as the ability to enforce the caster's will on a target.



- (Advanced) Hybridization of Illusion and Sith Sorcery

“The nightmarish seeds of his mind have found new pasture.”

By amalgam of Illusion and Sith Sorcery, Exodus steepened in his meditations and induced slumbers, all while empowered indicia were carved into his skin. The error of the Grey was that he had given the truest of hunters, even the faintest of scents to a place of power. It was not long before Lord Exodus happened onto a place his mind did not breed, nor could it comprehend. The Netherworld of the Force. His feet carried him forward, and the feeling of them were not lost to delusion. Nevertheless, his eyes had found somewhere; perhaps a place that could not be named or understood by any familiar tongue in the known galaxy. It could be said that the Dark Lord was staring into oblivion itself.



Is It He Who Casts the Greatest Shadow?

Enemies and allies alike were greatly unaware of his conduct within this void. Allowing the diversions of war play themselves out as they normally did. Heralded as one of the more powerful Sith, his impenetrable willpower became a characteristic that was reflected from the poise on his features, and permitted him extended time within this apparitional place of entropy. And strangely with time, the presence of the Dark Lord and the shadow that his carnal body casted began to evolve the more he walked the halls of Chaos. It would be here that the young Sith King gazed into an infinite abyss and studied, researching the ways of shadows and of darkness and of all the creatures that hid beneath them. In the Netherworld of the Force, the Allfather of the Assassins unearthed the ability to command the shadows, wielding blackness, truly mastering the darkness. This was an understanding that the shadows themselves were not merely an absence of light, but the reflection of possible worlds created by forces in conflict. He knew this to be the principle analogy of the everlasting oceans of darkness versus light that the Grey had revealed to him.





(sith shadow magic; from the realization that shadows are a reflection of forces in conflict

and that manipulating a shadow can influence the forces that cast it)



“He is capable of wielding oblivion, a place of entropy; void.

Something the natural mind cannot comprehend.

If there is any ancient horror in the dark worlds of the Sith,

it is wielded by the fingertips of his assassins.

He wanted power, and he was drawn to the deepest waters to find it.”

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(Under construction)



(sith shadow magic; from the realization that shadows are a reflection of forces in conflict

and that manipulating a shadow can influence the forces that cast it)










"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

It has called out my name. Darkness approaches. I feel no light inside me strong enough to resist it."
― assassin









Zûtanokiai (dark, to become)
"A darkweaver can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows.

By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness,

but by the accessing the dark side of the force, a dimension of dark energy can be channeled and tethered to a variety of effects,

both as an absence of light and as a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there,

create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons,

teleport one's self through massive distances by way of shadows, and more."


Netherworld of the Force / Chaos / Abyss

Channel Oblivion: The Reaper Edict

Allows a Darkweaver to control and influence the energies pertaining to death and shadow. This extremely rare class manipulates entropy, a force that even the most studied cannot harness. A distinct maturation of the Assassin genealogy, the Edict makes a formidable complement to the wide scope of death-dealing expertise of the assassin, and those obsessed with mastery over death and shadows. While some of its uses relate to the denizens of the Abyss, many of its powers allow the Darkweaver to draw literal oblivion into the physical world. The signature power of the Darkweaver grants them the power over darkness itself. The nature of the darkness invoked by the Darkweaver is a matter of intense speculation among the Sith. Some believe it to be merely shadows, while others feel that the power gives control over the Netherworld of the Force, coaxing it tangibly outward. Regardless, the effects of the Darkweaver are terrifying, as waves of darkness roil out from the user, enveloping those in their path like an infernal wave.


Dimensional Overrun
Darkweaver can passively create or project shadows and darkness which absorbs or nullifies light in the area. Has an aura of pitch black darkness that permeates their armor or clothing, and surrounds them, flowing out and off of them like it was made of water, which consumes any light near their body.


Kirzi na Rumakata Kinta (Darkshear, Spear of Midnight Black)
The Darkshear, also known as the spear of midnight black, was a dark side Force power. It enabled the Force-user to summon raw energy entirely from the Dark Side of the Force, forging an archaic stygian weapon in the form of a majestic spear. For combat purposes, the qualities of this weapon is likened to that of Sith Steel.






"The emphasis on preparation and maximizing efficiencies is an aide to the penultimate assassin,

a creature supremely vested in the concentration of battle execution."






Weaver Assassin Breathing Techniques
"Controlling breathing patterns during heightened levels of stress and exertion is a basic principle that is rigorously taught to the assassin.

Disciplined learners can maximize their burn of stamina, tremendously increase their lung capacity,

and embody an unteachable level of creativity in the heat of battle."














Akirjoki na Niyidna (Court of Devils)
Chaos, Netherworld of the Force— Time spent here is significantly slower, hours passing by equaling only minutes in the present. You close your eyes in reality, and awaken in a world that is an impeccable recreation of the place you were just in. The exception is that, this world is grievously lacking in any trace pigmentation of color; aggressively depressing neutral hues blush every-which corner, inky blackness stains the walls and floors while an unshakable fog smothers visibility. Light is forever eclipsed in Chaos, seemingly lost to a rotting darkness. Entering the Netherworld is less a studied art, and more of a windfall. When enough of the dark side of the force saturates the blood of a dark practitioner, a brush with death may be enough to purchase a ticket here. Admission takes a tremendous toll of fatigue and mental disorientation on the weaver once returned. To activate this travel henceforth is a scarce power; harmonizing mental acuity throughout the body of one familiar with the nether-realm by means of meditation, allows the darkweaver to enter the Netherworld of the Force physically.


Wraiths, Sithspawn and tempestuous spirits inhabit these lands in innumerable hordes. Creatures and spirits within the Netherworld are dramatically more powerful than in the present. They cannot be defeated and maiming them is rare, but if done, their bodies reform after a short delay and do so rapidly. When entering, your living aura becomes like an unavoidable scent on a most powerful wind, the assassin becomes a beacon to the fallen and is hunted incessantly. The dead are impossibly begrudging of the living and none can avoid drawing the attention of the brutality that lives there for long. Furthermore, when commanding the Force inside of the Netherworld, your living aura illuminates like a bright star, empowering you significantly but guaranteeing death when you ultimately fall. 


Darkweavers present in the Netherworld of the Force (Chaos) are subject to all of the perils that come with it, not excluding ultimate destruction. Suffering physical wounds and death is felt entirely within the Netherworld, removing the living from the land thereafter. In present time, the maiming and death from the Netherworld translate to diminished phantom-pain and slight mental afflictions, as long as you do not draw from the Force while inside. Darkweavers that draw from the Force and are killed in the realm of the dead are gone forever, beyond even the reach of those that can raise the dead. (Non-PVP)
















Armohta an ri Tsûduma (Anchor to the Dead)
Ephemeral Binding, Transcendance, the Reaper Walks
Must be able to enter the Akirjoki na Niyidna (Court of Devils)
Must consume Black Blood Elixir in order to select a host
Transcend Death, Infinite Resurrection, Retroactive Immortality

The most formidable of weavers learn not only to sense the connections between the living and the dead, but to brick-lay and create such links themselves and enter immortality with the power to transcend the limitations of one's death. Unlike other forms of immortality, the Darkweaver may still die from any cause (physical trauma, disease or simply aging, etc), but the user may always come back to life, unless they choose not to.


The master of Armohta an ri Tsûduma creates a totemic structure within the Netherrealm of the Force as a depository for their own living aura through necromantic energy, establishing a solemn bridge between the Nether and Mortal realm. Among the living, the Darkweaver will mark creatures of life as potential hosts while they sleep unaware, cursing them to an end they almost never see coming. This undying Curse transforms the subject into a sacrificial linkage between the living and dead, unifying with the totemic structure buried within the Netherworld. The Darkweaver smears their own imbibed blood on the sentient creature in question, which is accursedly absorbed into their vitae, in doing so, becomes an anchored host body for the Darkweaver. This term is coined as a Spectral Assimilation.


An anchored curse artificially created in this fashion functions as an infectious energy that assimilates the physiological nature and soul of the creature over time, and crudely digests their entire life force once needed. The host creature becomes vaguely attuned to their master, and in certain circumstances, can dangerously wander into the psyche of the Darkweaver. 


A curse created with such a binding lasts until the Darkweaver suffers death. Death will treat the anchor as an expenditure, and the totem within the Netherworld will hum alive in activation. The physical body of the Darkweaver will immediately disperse into a flume of thick black vapors upon a death blow, and the soul will tarry for six cycles within Chaos until their spirit is displaced inside of the host body. Depending on the perspectives, this may be seen as a cursed state that eternally separates an individual from a universal salvation or truth. Over time the bone structure and flesh morphs according to the needs of the Sith Darkweaver, and the host's memories rapidly begin fading away while the Sith's own begin creeping in. They are aware enough before total consumption to realize the horror of what is happening but are exhaustively unable to stop it. This may very well cause certain Sith to go insane due to the extensive physical and mental trauma of continually returning to life in such agonizing ways, especially mentally when the world begins to change dramatically over time (loved ones dying, entire civilizations coming and going, etc). Replaces cloning, and the respawn count is six cycles.









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