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Water Beetle Security Drone

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Production Information

Model: SD-A4
Creators: Mon Calamari
Manufacturer : Fluid Securities
Place of Manufacture: Mon Cal
Class: Security Drone

Cost: 2,600 Credits


Technical specifications

Height: 0.4 meters (1’3”)
Sensor color: Blue 
Armament:  Turret-mounted stun blaster 

  • Repulsorlift engines
  • Propellers
  • Infrared-Sensor


Capable of chasing and neutralizing targets in the air and underwater, the SD-A4, aka the Water Beetle, was extremely popular amongst security forces and private businesses for multiple underwater species. Developed by a security firm on Mon Cal, the SD-A4 was meant to be a way to scout out points of potential break-ins, support backup to firefights, and to pursue criminals. 

The main drawback of the SD-A4 was that it was unable to think for itself and followed rigid programming. When left to its own devices, it would constantly repeat the same command over and over, to the point where it might shoot anyone who didn’t comply with its specifications. To combat this, Fluid Securities always recommended customers to pair the drone with a living partner who could direct the drone. 

Water Beetle.png

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