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How to Write an Exorcist

We stand in opposition to the Dark Side, there can be no compromise. The Exorcist sees the woes of the galaxy much like that of a Jedi Healer, but instead of trying to treat the symptoms, they root out the cause and destroy it. The pain of the galaxy, its wounds that are caused by the dark side, the deaths of innocents, drive the Exorcist upon their path. They can never stand still while evil exists, for any moment of respite will cause unknown numbers of deaths.

They will not abide Sith rule, they will always be the Knight Errant and they will seek to put themselves in danger in order to save lives. To retreat and leave others to die is sacrosanct.

Internal Struggle: They can be rash, for there is no peace within their embattled souls. Only once the Dark Side is banished can they finally rest. Due to this lack of internal peace, the Dark Side always lurks within them, even when purged by holy flame. They are consumed by war, and it is always a struggle to walk the narrow path of the Light. They are firebrands and will never see peace.

Issues with the Jedi Order: A typical Exorcist will be greatly troubled by the dark side’s influence on many of their Jedi brethren of any order. Whether it be in the wanton slaughter of innocents or simple inaction in the face of massacre, such things will drive an Exorcist to strike against their own, to purge the dark side or will cause them to leave the Jedi Order entirely, much like the Revanchists during the Mandalorian Wars, or more recently with the founding of the Imperial Knights by an Exorcist.

Combat: There are inherent drawbacks to playing an Exorcist, the path is not an easy one, and combat is a struggle. This is not all daisies and funtimes, your character must have challenges.  You must factor the drawbacks discussed into your writing, to not do so will have a negative impact on mod rulings. 

Dual Paths: Intertwined and bound, there are two paths for an Exorcist: 

The Sin Eaters: the one that consumes and burns away the dark side, bringing it into their soul and staining themselves with its evil in the process. This group hunts the darkness amongst the galaxy, working directly against Sith Forces. 

The Watchers: those who combat the rising darkness in users of the Light Side, be they Exorcists or among the other orders of the Jedi.

Recommended Components Within Knight Trials and the Training of Apprentices

For the Apprentice: Apprentices should have their concentration upon basic powers of the force like any Jedi, (telekinesis, lightsaber combat), but there should be a greater focus upon the internal struggle of the powers of the Force, with emphasis on what the response is to failure. Harnessing the Force and the failure of that act, will bring out the worst in any person, and it is the reason there is such an emphasis. The Darkness is an expert in concealment, and can lurk in even the brightest souls; for the brightest flame casts the darkest shadows, and being able to recognize the darkness within is a key aspect of an apprenticeship with this Order. 

For the Exorcists to Follow: Awake, Arise, or be forever Fallen. 

For the training to Knighthood, in the trials there must be an act of purification within the Force, and that act reveals the path an Exorcist is to tread. They must meditate upon the Force’s will, at a sight of a wound in the Force, forsaking food and drink for seven days, subsisting upon the power of the force, forced to become reliant upon it. All they will have is their lightsaber. A place that bears a wound in the force must be specifically chaotic in its inherent nature of the Force. Such a place is naturally corrupting to people and objects. This allows for the testing of will. 

(Example: Malachor V)

A Sin Eater will emerge, having kept themselves pure by the act of consumption, bearing the stain of the darkness, but triumphant over it. They have taken the dark side within themselves to understand it, and have escaped its temptation. They have emerged from the ashes injured, but unbroken, having gained access to the powers of a Sin Eater, the ability to damage Sith by the understanding of the Dark Side

A Watcher will emerge untouched by the evil of the place, kept pure by their will. They will gain the powers of the Watchers, and gain a greater resistance to the influence of the dark side. Having kept themselves sacred, they are able to greatly sense evil amongst their own. 

The last outcome is the Fall

Powers of the Exorcists

The mark of an Exorcist is their flame, that white fire with which they purge the darkness around them. In order to create such a pure essence of light side power, meditation upon one’s own soul and how they feel the force is required. One must sacrifice themselves to the will of the Light side, and that has a cost; One does not simply burn away the dark side, it must be consumed, and the ashes it leaves behind are toxic to the soul. To destroy the dark side, one must open a wound within their soul.

On its writing: These powers are not as simple as telekinesis and should be written as such, each needs a buildup and may take several posts to fully exert their power.


A strengthening of the skin, muscle, and sinew of the body. A closer bond of flame and flesh. Provides a barrier against those weapons of the Dark Side, not by any means invulnerability, but can be used to bleed off the bite of such weapons for a short burst of time. Can be used to denature toxins, nanites or poisons. Must be highly specified in its concentration, either internally bound or externally expressed, and natured towards the weapon itself.

 Example: to use stormlight against Force Lightning, one would bind it around oneself in its own storm, draining away the power of the lighting, but also the power of the stormlight in equivalent exchange. 

Kiss of the Sin Eater: (Restricted to Sin Eaters)

To touch is to purify. When an Exorcist lays their hands upon a person imbued with the dark side, IE Krath Magic, or some form of shielding, with their will and concentration they can attempt to burn the darkness away. They take the dark side upon themselves, stain their soul with it, and then burn it to ashes with their holy fire. This is highly dependent on the Exorcist and the opposing force, may take several posts of struggle, and is influenced by the Exorcist’s own weaknesses and whatever is tempting them to the dark side.

To employ this power is to bring evil into your character and should have real consequence in your storylines and in combat. It should not be used lightly.

Consecration: (Restricted to Sin Eaters)

The Exorcist channels their inner flame into the area upon where they stand, driving the dark side from the place. Can be used to establish light side nexuses or destroy those of the dark side. Should not be used in combat, as it takes the entirety of one’s concentration to impact the physical realm in such a way. It would take longer to destroy a dark side nexus then it would take to establish a light side one. It takes a great deal of effort to unbind an area of its very nature and should take several posts.

Caveat: Naturally, this power cannot possibly combat areas of inherent historical darkness, IE Korriban or Dagobah. To try this is to die. 

The Kiss of Peace: (Restricted to Watchers)

To the fallen, the choice is redemption or death. This power focuses upon the fire of the light side inherent within an individual, no matter how small, and amplifies it with their own to a destructive level. To give the Kiss of Peace is to stoke the flames within a fallen Jedi and use it in an attempt to bind them into their own path of destruction. Such a power takes a great deal of concentration and will to use, and requires foreknowledge of one’s opponent, and cannot be used as a dragnet to capture unknown or unadmitted light side energy. 

Silence (Restriction only to Masters)

If one is able to narrow in on where the dark side is originating within a character, an Exorcist can apply their fire in order to attempt to silence it, or more realistically, make it harder to utilize. Takes specific knowledge and cannot be used as a dragnet to silence an opponent’s every force action, it should make it more difficult to access the force, but only if you know how the opponent find’s their power.

Example: An exorcist discovers that the opponent uses the emotion of rage to fuel their dark side power, that can allow them to apply silence which should begin a secondary struggle between the two users which the Exorcist can attempt to root out and destroy that source of rage. Aggressive therapy one might say.

Soul’s Entrapment

An Exorcist channels the destructive nature of their power into the environment through runes. The practical application of consecration, it can be used like a minefield or a way to herd an opponent into areas. Can be drawn using anything that the Exorcist has channeled in before, such as chalk or their lightsaber, or even their blood. The runes are difficult to maintain, as they continue to require attention and concentration. Once triggered, the runic works help to transfer specific power from the exorcist directly through the ground. Usually this is explosive white fire that applies a concussive and thermal energy. Requires time to set up efficiently, and must be complete in order to work. These runes will be lightly visible with a whitish glow, due to the imbued energy. Can only be applied to static surfaces, such as the ground or decking of a starship.

Limited Application: Four active rune-patterns for a knight, and Four for a Master. You cannot deactivate a rune-pattern and then switch it back on when you’re ready to use it as you have to physically imbue the energy each time. Explosive energy is also limited with Knights and more powerful with Mastership.



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