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Kane Wartide

Proposed Additions: Midnight Arms, Armor, and Droids

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New droids for:

HED-1 - Holographic Emulator Droid - Built for Theatrical, Educational, and public service tasks, this droid is equipped with a holographic outer casing which can project a variety of different facades over its surface. Its joints have high torque, speed, and articulation while its limbs can extend or retract to different lengths, allowing it faithfully recreate both bipedal and quadrupedal creatures of varied sizes. An advanced social emulator system allows it to replicate the behavior and mannerisms of many different kinds of aliens. It is also capable of wearing clothing and utilizing hand tools, making it a very versatile droid.

Sentient Replica Droid - These androids are mostly organic, with only some part of their brains being positronic circuits while the rest of them is grown in a laboratory. They are very rare and very expensive to produce, requiring months of assembly by medical nanomachines to reach maturity, plus additional training to integrate biological systems with cybernetics. Generally they are indistinguishable from the species they are a copy of. Only advanced medical scans can discern them from the real thing, though enhanced physical attributes and common personality quirks can out them as being abnormal. Some of them have weapons or other special equipment built into their bodies, which can sometime pass as a cybernetic system, but generally diminishes their ability to blend in as normal organics.

New Armor, equipment Upgrades for:

Wartide ablative nanolaminate armor: A highly specialized synthetic material assembled by nanomachines, nanolaminate is a layered composite which is extremely tough, lightweight, and highly insulative. Being an insulator results in energy weapons having difficulty penetrating into the material, instead scattering upon impact with the surface. This resistance is imperfect and will gradually burn off layers of the material, weakening the armor until it eventually becomes ineffective. Deflected energy is still hazardous, and thus the nanolaminate is most effective as full body armor.

Personal Shield Generator: A personal shield generator is a small device that must be mounted on the outside of clothing or armor.  It generates a specialized deflector shield that can protect the wearer from harm. Comes in two varieties: Ray shielding, which protects from energy weapons: and Particle shielding, which blocks physical objects like bullets. Due to limitations of the technology, shields have somewhat modest effectiveness, blocking only a few hits before requiring recharge.

Proposed Edits:

Wartide Tactical Body Glove - This form fitting suit is designed to stand alone or be worn beneath other armor. The top layer is made of armorweave, offering minor protection from blasters. A spidersilk layer lies beneath the armorweave, giving it strong resistance to vibroweapons.  The lowest layer is made of quantum fiber, allowing it to seal itself back up if damage is sustained.  Veins of pressurized Bacta run throughout the suit. When damaged, these veins are broken open and bacta is sprayed directly into the breach. In doing so, it functions as an automatic first aid system, applying a healing salve and bandaging wounds. The body glove also contains pockets of sheer thickening fluid, a non-newtonian liquid which becomes rigid when struck with external force, giving it some resistance to projectiles and other impacts. Functions as a space suit if combined with a helmet.

Wartide "Knightsaber" Hard Suit - This highly advanced power armor is constructed from a liquid nanometal, programmed to take the exact shape of the wearer. Nanometal is made of durasteel nanomachines, which cannot be reprogrammed to serve any other task nor be mixed with any other kind of metals. The hard suits are fully powered, enhancing strength and speed with virtually no penalty to the dexterity of user.  Limbs are actuated by electrical signals detected off the surface of the wearers skin, reacting without delay. Many types of equipment and weapons can be integrated into the suit and deployed seamlessly. Some versions will include phrik or cortosis alloy plating on the outside of the armor, covering only a few vital areas.  They come standard with ion based thrusters and repulsor tech but are generally too heavy to fly, even when augmented with an external jet pack. This armor is vulnerable to ION and EMP damage, as a loss of power causes it to shut down and it is much too heavy to move while unpowered. It has grounding circuits that can mitigate this threat by discharging into the floor, but repeated strikes will quickly overload them. In the event of power failure, the suit pops open to allow its wearer to escape. It can reboot in roughly an hour unassisted, or be manually dragged to a charging station to reinitialize. In terms of damage resistance, it acts as extremely dense durasteel.  It has built a built in ray shield generator, which is as effective as a stand alone personal shield. It doubles as a space suit. These extraordinarily expensive suits must be custom made for the user.


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