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Real Name: Svata Dragoste

A.K.A: Svata

Homeworld: Space-born

Species: Ryn


Physical Description


Age: 61

Height: 4’10” 

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Yellow

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor: Colorful vest and pants, and an assortment of scarves and  charms draped around his neck. Clothes usually have numerous hidden pockets and are padded to make concealed weapons difficult to spot.

Weapon: Heavy Blaster Pistol, 6 non-tech throwing knives, iron quarterstaff with a concealed vibroblade at each end, 2 flash grenades

Dual-bladed yellow lightsaber


Common Inventory:

Commlink, slicer-quality datapad


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force Sensitive

Alignment: Lawful Good

Current Faction Affiliation: Jensaarai/Rebel Alliance

Current Faction Rank: Jensaarai apprentice




Force Side: Light

Trained by: The Sarlaac

Trained who: None

Known Skills:

Slicer (Expert)

Galactic Lore (Master)

Pilot (Expert)

Lightsaber wielder, Form VI (Novice)

The 15 Essential Skills of the Jensaarai 

  • Mireinio Ysbrydol: Jensaarai practice of spiritual refinement (Skilled)
  • Ymladd Heb Arfau: Jensaarai art of unarmed combat (Novice) 
  • Cleddyfymladd: Jensaarai art of swordsmanship/lightsaber combat (Novice)
  • Arosymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding staves (Expert)
  • Tafluymladd: Jensaarai art of throwing blades/lightsabers (Skilled)
  • Gwaywffon-Ymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding spears (Expert)
  • Penhwyadymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding the lightsaber pike (Novice)
  • Crymancadwynymladd: Jensaarai art of wielding the chain and sickle (Novice)
  • Tancelf: Jensaarai practice of using firearms/blasters (Skilled)
  • Cuddiocelf: Jensaarai art of disguise (Expert)
  • Dull-Llechwraidd: Jensaarai art of stealth (Expert)
  • Hyfforddiant Elfenol: Jensaarai training in use of the natural environment and elements (Skilled)
  • Strategaeth: Jensaarai training in strategy (Expert)
  • Ysbio: Jensaarai art of espionage (Expert)
  • Dianc-Cuddio: Jensaarai art of escape (Expert)

Force Skills:

Telekinesis (Novice)

Animal Friendship (Novice)

The Secret of Evaporation (Novice)

Buried Presence (Novice)



Svata has lived his life in the Dragoste clan. Growing up under the care of a dozen uncles, aunts, cousins, and siblings along with his parents, Svata had no shortage of family. He spent his early childhood on the ramshackle ships the clan used, away from the harsh, prejudiced galaxy, and as a result developed the classic ryn insularity. His family was everything to him, and outsiders were just a potential threat. A knack for acting turned into confidence games, and soon Svata was a living example of the stereotypical dishonest ryn, conning gullible marks out of credits they obviously didn’t deserve. No one suffered like the ryn, so why should the humans who ran the galaxy and lived on velvet pillows keep all the creds to themselves? Especially when they were too stupid to see through a simple play? Occasionally he got caught, and he’d always play the part of the shamed son to his clan when they bailed him out. Behind the facade though, he saw it as a learning experience. They saw through his ruse? He learned to always have an escape ready. They locked him up? He learned to pick locks. They beat him up? He started carrying knives and a blaster.

There was no telling where Svata might have ended up, had Uncle Meska not spotted his game. A bear of a man, Meska Dragoste was the keeper of the clan’s traditions and folklore, bearer of an unwritten history spanning centuries. He saw how fast Svata picked up his sordid skills, and decided to put the teenager’s memory to better use. From then on, Svata had no time for his cons, as he spent nearly every waking hour absorbing Meska’s stories. Meska would talk nonstop for hours, barely pausing to eat or guzzle his cheap booze. No matter how tipsy he got, the big ryn never garbled a word or jumbled a sentence, each story a perfect recitation. When he forced Svata to repeat it all back, he’d cuff the boy on the head until he got it right. For years Svata resented the old man, but soon enough the stories began to sink in, and Svata got the greatest gift Meska could have given him: perspective. He saw how his family had suffered at the misconceptions of others, and how his behavior wasn’t helping anything. In a very real way, he was dishonoring every Dragoste who’d come before him, tearing down the work they'd done to help their family prosper with his selfish games. After that epiphany, his cons seemed dirty and childish compared to the legends in his family history, and Svata slowly became an upstanding member of the clan.

Time passed, and eventually the reformed Svata married Parami, a ryn from another clan. With their children, the clan grew, and once Meska passed on, Svata took on his role as keeper of the Dragostes. He still did the occasional play acting now and again, but now with the intent of disarming situations and keeping his clan out of trouble. Of course, sometimes the only way to keep the clan safe was to skirt the law, and if that was the case then so be it.

Svata lived his life as a proper ryn should, devoted to his family. One day, the clan elders came to him and asked him to meet with a delegation from another clan to help negotiate a marriage between one of Svata’s grandsons and a young girl. When he arrived, he found only the bodies of the clan delegation, and recognized the trademarks of an imperial purge. He ran back to his own clan’s encampment and discovered it a smoking ruin, and Sith trooper boot prints everywhere. He was the last Dragoste left alive.

Svata self-destructed after that, carrying out reckless acts of violence and sabotage against the Sith, hoping to join his family. After one such excursion where he’d miscalculated the timer for a bomb, he was nearly blown up and was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he was on the Raka Nwul, the Jensaarai home-ship. Confused, he was told that a Jensaarai had brought him in, though they would not tell him which one. They went on to explain that Svata was Force-sensitive, which went a long way to explaining Svata’s inexplicable health and vitality at his age. Whoever had found him had been drawn to him and his anguish, and had taken a chance to try and save the old storyteller. Svata’s deeply ingrained sense of hospitality kept him from outright insulting those who had accepted a criminal into their home by rudely leaving, so he allowed himself to be taught the Jensaarai way. He intended to leave after a week or two once he’d given the order a solid chance. To his surprise, the ways of the Jensaarai resonated with him, and he found new camaraderie in his fellow apprentices. His family’s legacy of tales and legends were incredibly popular among the younger trainees, and Svata found himself growing more and more attached to these honorable folk. He found he wanted to protect them.

Svata threw himself into his studies after that, and has mastered the basic, mundane skills of a Jensaarai. Now ready to be trained in the ways of the Force, he has been apprenticed to the Sarlaac, and is eager to become what he has always wished to be. A Defender of his people.

Svata Dragoste.png

Edited by Svata Dragoste
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