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Sarlacci Soldiers

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Sarlacci Soldiers: 


A ragtag group of operatives that The Sarlacc created during his time serving the Jensaarai abroad. These men are not necessarily Jensaarai themselves, although they are sympathetic to the Jensaarai way of life: the pursuit of peace and justice in the galaxy. Most of these men are rough-around-the-edges spacers, slicers, and hunters who were down on their luck when they were given a second chance by The Sarlacc.


Now this squad of men work alongside The Sarlacc on operations for the betterment of the galaxy where the rule of law can create grayness. They have charged into combat together. They have infiltrated enemy strongholds. They have liberated slaves and liquidated stolen assets. Nothing is off limits for these dark-tinged do gooders. 


Equipment and Armor:


Armed with a variety of high calibre weaponry, explosives, and sophisticated computer equipment, the Sarlacci Soldiers are well versed in gaining access to the inaccessible. Sometimes silently, other times they gain access quite audibly.


The Sarlacci Soldiers do not wear a traditional uniform. They regale themselves in whatever armor and gear they individually prefer. Aside from a love for muted tones, noise dampening boots, and infrared goggles, each warrior is a unique being unto himself.




Hacking, liberating, theft, and anti-establishmentarianism to sow discord amongst the enemy, free the enslaved, and lift up the downtrodden.


Mod note: these NPCs belong to the Rebel Alliance

Edited by Leena Kil


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