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The Sarlacc’s Character Sheet

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Real Name: Geraldo Link

A.K.A: The Sarlacc

Homeworld: Duro

Species: Duros


Physical Description


Age: 31

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 163

Eyes: Red

Skin: Green

Sex: Male




Clothing or Armor:.Gray Jenssarai armor with retractable tentacles* on the neck, back, and stomach.

Weapon: Heavy repeating blaster, purple lightsaber, cortosis-alloy collapsable combat staff, thigh-holstered vibroblades, ionized agrinium powder capsules in the palms of each hand, mechanized razor-toothed claw clamp atop head (appears as raised ridges atop helmet)
*These mechanized tentacles are multi-facetted retractable limbs that are a portion of The Sarlacc’s Jensaarai armor. The tentacles end in points, tapering to a a thinner end from a thick stump. These are used for grasping and jabbing, less-than-fine motor operational skills. They can be used for grasping, climbing, pushing, pulling and in a pinch bashing and    ramming.


Common Inventory:

Commlink, mechanized tentacles, Jedi and Sith and Imperial grunt disguises, food stores


Faction Information


Force User, Force Sensitive or Non-Force User Force-user

Alignment: Neutral Good

Current Faction Affiliation:[/b] Jensaarai/ Rebel Alliance

Faction Rank: Defender (Knight equivalent)




Trained by: The Reek

Trained who: None

Known Skills:

Ballistakinesis (master)

Telekinesis (master)

Essential Jensaarai Skills (expert)

Stealth (expert)

Force acrobatics (skilled)

Starship command (experienced)

Jensaarai Combat Techniques (expert)

Secret of Evaporation (skilled)

Agriculture (expert)

Jensaarai lore (skilled)

Holocron operation (beginner)

Buried Presence (expert)




Geraldo Link came to the Jensaarai as a wayward teenager on the lamb from any angry group of Hutt-employed hunters bent on capturing the rapscallion for going afoul of their employer. Something about trying to circumvent the electronic security systems to a string of casinos. Of course it did not matter that Geraldo was trying to defund the Hutt’s slaving ring.

Geraldo began his training under the Jensaarai Defenders while simultaneously being assigned to agricultural duties in an effort to teach the upstart Duros some sense of responsibility for his actions. This was combined with class-based lessons in combat, culture, control, and other basic tenants of Jensaarai traditions. Geraldo baulked at the selfless devotion exhibited by his more dedicated peers and masters; still, he stuck it out, realizing that they possessed something greater than himself, greater than themselves; and he wanted to be like them, to be more than he was.

Geraldo studied and was sent out into the galaxy where he used his fledgling Jensaarai skills to quietly observe and help the less fortunate. This was all done under the distant watchful eye of a defender; testing the young Duros motives. After several instances where Geraldo stepped in to assist the poor and downtrodden, always without drawing attention to himself, Geraldo was welcomed back into the fold for the completion of his apprentice training and the crafting of his unique Jensaarai armor. During this time, Geraldo was bestowed the name of The Sarlacc by the force and welcomed by his brethren as one of their own, a Jensaarai Defender.

From there, The Sarlacc would venture out from their monastic base of operations, always looking to help the oppressed and weak. He served in many roles, under many guises, his true identity almost always remaining hidden along with his lightsaber. To most he was just another common spacer; to some, he appeared as a mechanized mercenary; and to a select few, he was The Sarlacc, the keeper of the peace.


Edited by Leena Kil


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Ship / Fleet 




Covert Strike Force: Silent Hunters

1 stealth corvette

Experience: Green 1XP


EE-104 Fisheye Asha’ajak [9/9]

-constructed: Mechis


Tours of Duty:

None as currently commanded.


Description: The Asha’ajak is a ship commissioned by the Jensaarai through several shell corporations from the foundries of Mechis IV. The spherical ship has no outward projections, windows or ports. In fact the ship-based weaponry is contained behind retractable doors beneath the environmental mimicking armored plates. By the time the ship fell into Jensaarai possession any trace of their involvement had been scrubbed clean.


Battleline Escort: Tradition of Excellence

1 capital ship

Experience: Green 1XP


Lictor-class Dungeon Ship: Valkyrie [20/20]

constructed: Mandalore

Tours of Duty:

None under current command.

Description: The Valkyrie, formerly christened The Mandalore’s Gullet, was purchased on the black market by the Jensaarai so that they could better assist in reestablishing peace in the galaxy. The ship can serve as a mobile basr of operations and command center for planetary operations and as a vault-like repository of relative security for high end prisoners and cargo.



to be assigned upon the conclusion of the Battle of Kuat

Medical / Engineering Fleet

6 frigates

Experience: Veteran 2XP


EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate: Merciful Touch |3/3|

EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate: Raven’s Touch |3/3|

-constructed: Nar Shaddaa

Zebulon-B Frigate: Mecha Metal |3/3|

-constructed: Nar Shaddaa

Nargi-class Pursuit Frigate Watchman |3/3|

-constructed: Hesperidium

Corellian Rescue Frigate: Majesty |3/3|

Corellian Rescue Frigate: Majestic |3/3|

-constructed: Anaxes Frontiers Spaceworks


Tours of Duty:

The Raid on Kuat


Description: Bloodesteele is a medical, engineering and support fleet composed of newly constructed hospital, repair, and rescue frigates. Each ship is painted in stunning white and bear the intergalactic symbol of peace a large red cross.



Interdiction Cadre: Interdiction Field

Interdiction Cruiser with support

Experience: Veteran (2xp)


SFS Immobilizer 418-class Heavy Cruiser: Tiberius |9/9|
Constructed: Kuat
CC-7700 Frigate: Antonius |3/3|
CC-7700 Frigate: Germanus |3/3|
CC-7700 Frigate: Septimus |3/3|
Constructed: Corellia


Tours of Duty:



Description: The Tiberius is a long standing vessel that has served the Empire and now the Imperial Remnant and Rebel Alliance with distinction. More recently, it has been assigned to the Imperial War College at Anaxes, and is crewed by instructors and top-of-the-line students towards the end of their time there, but is called up for duty when it’s special skills are needed.

the remaining CC-7700s have also served with distinction and provide and interdicting accompaniment to many Imperial task forces.

Edited by Leena Kil


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