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Bark'a Radir (Ash Legions of the Sith Empire)


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Chaab va kyr'am par pur be gar bu'nas'r cuyir o'aryihida bal naasad kapr eyaytir bic.

Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it.





  • NPC Sub-Group of the Sith Empire
  • Criminal



  • TBD


  • TBD


  • Coruscant




The Bark'a Radir (Mando'a; lit. meaning "Ash Legions"), is a criminal pseudo-Mandalorian organization (formally known as the Glorybound), founded by Arkab Skon and comprised of extradited Mandalorian warriors, known to their kinsmen as Dar'manda, which was a term that effectively referred to such individuals as "soulless Mandalorians". Founded during the anarchic Crusader Rebellion against the Galactic Alliance during its calculated dissension by the Sith Empire, the then Glorybound drew fanatical alongside the Mandalorian Crusader war cult, engorging themselves on the the worship and spear-point of Kad Ha'rangir above all other Mandalorian divinities. The candlestick flame of the Mandalorian Crusaders spread their forces too thin, waning just as quickly as they had sparked, as if a sudden wind had caught them unawares. The Glorybound amputated themselves from the ruined Crusaders with renewed autonomy, scattering themselves throughout the jewel of the galaxy instead, and by way of open insurrection. They ran rampant throughout Coruscanti space during the uprising, mounting an unbridled chaos, underhandedly fueled by the power of the dark side and their Leader Skon. They asserted themselves as cut-price mercenaries and ambushed the innocent with incessant marauding, prioritizing indiscriminate and lewd displays of slaughter, electing for disorderly fire-fights in order to best spread their violence.




"The Sith Empire has arrived in tremendous force, their numbers are many, and the disposition of their aggression is unmanageable. We are unprepared for this, and the Crusaders have spared no support. We burned far too high, and faster than we could have ever imagined. Was this the plan of the Sith? To strike from our blind-spot as we over-indulged on the defenseless like jackals? Like fools we came to feed on the scraps, but the wolves were watching all along. We will not hold out."


  • Emperor-King Exodus and his hordes fell from the skies and swept across the dying jewel, decimating anything that stood in their way. They subjugated major tactical choke-points, deployed in-mass, and conquered the leader of the Glory Bound in open combat. With the fall of Arkab Skon, the Glory Bound became the Bark'a Radir, the Ash Legions of the Sith Empire.











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