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The B4-Terror Droid is the brain child of the Trade Federation and the Techno-Union during the Clone Wars.  However, due to the expenses of production, only three factories, all on Mechis III, ever produced the B4, and two of them were sabotaged by Republic forces. The factory that did run only ran for about 3 days before clone troopers attacked and bombed the factory. As a result, only about 5,000 Terror droids were manufactured and most of them were destroyed in the battle and salvaged by the Republic. Those that survived were destroyed in following battles. 


Unlike most battle droids from the Clone Wars Era, the Terror Droid is designed more closely to resemble to clones that the droids fought. Capable of advanced programming and adapting to almost every combative situation, the Terror Droid was designed to be a shock trooper, to lead a small squad of droids into enemy positions, cause as much chaos as possible by killing high profile targets, and make openings for larger forces. While they were supposed to be equipped with weapons from the Confederacy, the B4's designers loved to brag that these droids would often just use whatever weapons they could find. 


While very few ever went into production, the designs for the Terror Droid is still on Mechis III, as well as on Proem, where several more models have been produced with independent programming. 






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